Sunday, July 24, 2005

Wild Form

I guess every player goes through one of those runs where everything goes wrong. It seems like the poker gods are frowning on me at the moment.

I played three hands yesterday where i flopped the nuts with improvements... all the money went into the middle and i lost each of them. Each of the pots was over $5000 and i was at least a 65% favourite in each of them *sigh*

The worst of the lot happened the day before. On a flop of K72 with two spades i had KK and the nut flush draw. I was reraised on the flop and my $2500 went in. My opponent had K78T. Turn 9... river a Jack. You know you should retire from playing when that happens.

Considering the run that i have had the fact that i have lost less then £5000 is a blessing i guess. I am currently multitabling and am £2000 up today so maybe the tide has turned.

I was browsing pokerineurope yesterday and see the schedule for Barcelona in September has been released. The festival has the start of the Headsup Poker Circuit which is a €2500 event and the first EPT season 2 which is a €4000 event. That is a festival that i can't wait for......


Graeme said...

Hi Ben

I was just wondering if your telegraph columns were available online? Can't seem to find them on their website.

Been following your progress via your blog for a while now since I played with u a little bit on £1/2nl on crypto a long time ago. We've both moved on a bit since then although ur successes have been a bit more spectacular!

Also - is dairykid on bf you?

Milkybarkid said...

Hi Graeme

Unfortunately they are not online at the moment. They have just been moved to the Weekender section. Maybe in the future they will be but there are no plans at present.

I am not Dairykid on Betfair. Those days of £1/£2 seem a while ago though it was probably only 12 months or so.