Saturday, July 02, 2005

Las Vegas Updates - Day 2

Cash Games = +$9212
Online = -$3000
Tournaments = -$200
Overall = +$6012

It was a bit of a strange day yesterday. Played online for an hour or so and lost $3000 before heading to the casino and lost three big pots where i was at least 60% in all of them. The worst was when i was all in with 7QKA with the nuts and a flush draw on a TJQ flop and my opponent had QKA4 so i thought i was freerolling till the turn and river came 44!

I decided to play in the 10/25... possibly due to the fact i was already down $3000 for the day. I sat down with $7000. One of my bluffs got called early when i held KK88 and it flopped 67T rainbow. I bet the pot... turn a Q. I had the blockers on both straights so bet again and got smooth called. I put my opponent on a set so when the board didn't pair i bet $900 on the river and got called with a set of sixes. I was later told the guy was a complete lunatic... i wish i had known before i bluffed off $1300. Literally the next hand i held Ah4h5sKd when it flopped 3h7hQs to give me the nut flush draw and a Gutshot. I called $100 on the flop and the turn came a Td. My opponent bet $250 and i called as i now had two gutshots on top of my flush draw. River a 9h and he checked to me. I bet $300 hoping for a call and he reraised me $300. I then bet the full pot and pot instantly called by the King flush.

I then tangled with the only lady sitting at the table. I raised pre flop in middle position with KsKcJsTd and she raised to $400 on the button and i called as did one other player. It flopped JQ4 with two diamonds. The first player checked to me and i decided to have a stab at the pot knowing that the reraiser pre flop probably had Aces and would lay it down to a pot bet. So i bet $1200 and she called. The other player passed. The turn was a 5h. Now how to proceed? If she had a flush draw then surely she would pass to another big bet as she didn't seem that happy about calling on the flop. I decided to bet the full pot of $3600. She went into the think tank and eventually called. Now that was a call i hated. I only had $2400 to bet on the river. I should have left more to bluff if i missed my draws. The river was a Qd to pair the board and bring the flush draw. I had already invested over $5000 in the pot so i couldn't just check it whatever card came. So i bet my last $2400 and she stared me down for a few minutes before passing and saying nice flush!! Wow not sure how i got someone to pass for $2400 in a pot over $10000. There were a few people on the rail calling for me to show my cards so i flipped them over and she was disgusted that she passed her hand. She later told me she had AA9T.

Today is the $10000 PL Omaha event. I imagine the field will be very tough and there will probably be around 200-300 runners. I'm really looking forward to it and hope i can catch some cards and make day 2. I should at least be able to last a few rounds with 10000 chips and a 90 minute clock.

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