Monday, July 25, 2005

Round in circles

Just like in Vegas when i had a really bad few sessions online then recovered, the last couple of days have been similar. Thursday - Saturday last week i lost £5000. Yesterday i won £2200 and today i have won £6000. I wish i could put together a run of good sessions like i did a few months ago. Its all very up and down at the moment.

Key hands today... and of course i was hitting big style to win £6000.

$10/$20 PL Omaha shorthanded (three players)

- I have AAragrag unsuited. Call a raise of $100 from ultra aggressive player from the small blind. Flop ATT. He bets $300 i call. Turn a J. He bets $900. I call (alarm bells anyone??). River a 2. He bets $1300 to put me all in. I call. He shows KKxx. Interesting.

- I raise with KKAT. Agressive player reraises from the big blind. I call the $350. Flop 557 rainbow. He bets $350. I call. Turn a T. he bets $400. I reraise and he passes.

- I call a reraise to $300 preflop from the big blind with 89TJ double suited. Flop 782 rainbow. I raise and my opponent goes all in for $1000. I call. He turns over and shows 89T4. Turn a 9 and i scoop another decent pot.

$10/$20 PL Omaha (six players)

- Everyone limps. I check in the big blind with JJT3. Flop JT2. I bet out $120. Get reraised to $400. I jam it. He goes all in for $2100. He shows TT74. Turn a Jack to give me quads...

- I call a small raise with 569A double suited. Flop 45T which gives me the Ace flush draw. Aggressive player raises to $250. I call. Turn a 2. We both check. River an A to give me two pair. I check. He bets $750. Against this player this is an instant call. He has two smaller pair.

$10/$20 PL Omaha (four players)

I had a two hour break then started up with $1300.

- I call a raise with TJ89 from a player i haven't played with but was raising preflop every hand.
Flop QKA rainbow. He bets $200. I call. Turn a 9. He bets $600. I go all in and he passes.

- Have $1700 when this hand happened. I raise on the button with AAJ9. He reraises from the big blind. I hate playing all in lottery Omaha preflop so i decide to call. Flop A22. Nice. He bets $300. I call. Turn a T. He bets $900. I call. River a 9. He moves all in for $850. He turns over TTxx for a smaller full house. Nice turn.

- I make it $100 from the small blind with 9TJA double suited (very unlike me to raise from the small blind). All the other three players call. Flop QK7 with gives me the nut flush draw on top of the wrap. I bet out $400. I get reraised to $1600. Hmmm i am slightly better than even money against trips 55%/45%. Do i want to gamble? Yes i am hitting today. All in. He calls and shows KKxx in a $6000 pot. Turn gives me the nut flush and no pair up on the river.

I hardly lost any big pots at all today. If i did they were all lost in the haze of all the hands i was hitting and getting paid of on. Tomorrow is a strict no poker day. Don't want to push my luck.