Friday, July 29, 2005

Let the games begin

I stumbled across this earlier ... very strange! A fantasy stock market for blogs. Anyone like to shed some light?

Its been a good week so far on the $10/$20 PL Omaha. I've been giving some thought to my style of late and have made a few adjustments which seem to be paying off. Alot of the time i have been playing shorthanded which requires a whole new strategy... especially when you are playing opponents who raise 90% of hands before the flop.

Yesterday was another fun day of swings. After ten minutes i was up £1000. After and hour i was £2000 down. After three hours i was down £3500 and also was in for £2500 on the two tables that i was playing on. Then i went on a rush, hit hands and played a big stack reasonably well and after a six hour session ended the day up £3000.

Here's a thought for any Omaha players out there. Is playing in the small blind/big blind such a disadvantage on a full table, that you should sit out those two hands and post both the big blind and small blind on the button? Would it be bad form to do this or does anything go on the net?

I am kind of tempted to play in the £1000 Celeb Poker tournament at the Palm Beach casino in London this Saturday. I managed to watch an episode of celebrity poker on ITV last night and i think that may have put me of ever playing a celebrity at poker. It was just so bad - an embarrassment to poker.

Next week is the Vic. Here is my schedule.

The European Championships

Monday - £1000 NL Holdem freezeout
Tuesday - £250 PL Omaha Hi/Lo Rebuys
Wednesday - £200 PL Holdem Rebuys
Thursday - £1000 PL Omaha double chance freezeout
Friday - £5000 No Limit Holdem freezeout
Sunday - £300 No Limit Holdem freezeout