Thursday, July 07, 2005

Las Vegas Updates - Day 7

Cash Games = +$9212
Online = +$2400
Tournaments = -$11200
Overall = +$412

For some reason i thought it was my seventh day yesterday. In Vegas its easy to lose track of days as each day is very much the same.

I checked out the tables on Betfair to see what was going on this afternoon (night UK time) and a couple of the players were playing that i know i can trap if i hit cards. I decided that it was worth investing £1000 just to give it a shot. I wasn't going to risk another -$10000 day though. With the blinds at £10/£20 i played it like it was a freezeout tournament so played alot less aggressive short handed than i normally do. I got my first double up when i called a preflop raise with 89TJ double suited. It flopped 579 with two diamonds which i didn't have. My opponent bet £180 and i just called as the flush potential killed many of my cards. Turn a 8 hearts and i check raised all in and he had a smaller straight.

I then won another big pot when i held A99J double suited and it was £100 to play. Five of us took a flop which was 7T2 with two hearts giving me a Gutshot and nut flush draw. I had the button and the player before me bet £500. I called even though i thought about raising. Turn a heart.... He checked and i bet him all in for about £1500. He called and had the King flush.

I was then lucky enough to make a straight flush against an Ace flush. My opponent passed on the river as he knew i would not have reraised £2000 without having the nuts. All the other players on the table would have called.

I was up to £7000 and decided the next pot i lost i would call it a day. I called a raise with TTJK from the small blind of £150 and five of us saw a flop of T45 rainbow giving me top set. An ultra aggressive opponent bet £500, one other player called. Normally i would have just gone for the pot reraise of over £2000 here. I am extremely glad that i didn't. Turn an A to bring a possible small straight. Aggressive player raised £2000 and the other went all in. I passed

Player 1 had 2367 and player two had 236Q so i would have lost all of my £7000 as the aggressive player would never have passed such a big draw. Phew.... that was my sign to get up and leave $8900 up.

The Rio is now buzzing with anticipation about the start of the main event. I have heard alot of players discussing their tactics for the main event. I have thought alot about how i am going to play. With a two hour clock i will play very cautiously to begin with. I'll be looking for extremely favourable situations to commit my chips. Then again if someone goes all in first hand and i have AA it may only last a few minutes. I'll be giving it my best shot whatever happens.


Anonymous said...

its not a 2 hour clock ben its only 100 minute

Milkybarkid said...

Yeah i heard that earlier. When i looked at the structure weeks ago it was 2 hours. Guess they need to get the numbers down.

vash said...

you know your personal odds at winning the main event are set at 2500-1. Its on pokerati if you didnt see this.

Milkybarkid said...

Yeh i just saw...

Probably about right in a field of 5000 odd.

Big Dave D said...

Why didnt u jam on the flop on the trips hand?



Milkybarkid said...

I guess i was funking for a blank so i could jam on the turn.

I knew he would bet the pot on the turn if a blank or even a pair up came. I was probably playing overly safe.