Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Las Vegas Updates - Days 10 + 11

The final result of my Vegas challenge:

Cash Games = +$9212
Online = +$10355
Tournaments = -$11200
Overall = +$8367

I hardly played any poker in the last few days of my trip to Vegas. Just a quick session on the $10/$20 Omaha tables on Betfair. Feeling extremely jet lagged today after returning to London. Decided to return home a few days early as it was a bit of an anti climax after being knocked out of the main event. Vegas was fun and i will definitely be back. Considering my losses in tournaments i was very pleased to still end my trip showing a profit. I believe from scanning the guesses to my challenge that Mel Lofthouse is the winner.

Whats next? WPT Paris maybe.... definitely the Vic and Luton festivals. As soon as i have decided my schedule i will post it on here.

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Mel Lofthouse said...

Well i'll be playing the omaha hi/lo event at the vic on 2nd august, and me and euge both playing the £300 freezeout on 7th august at the vic, so will prob see u then :)