Sunday, July 10, 2005

Las Vegas Updates - Day 9

Cash Games = +$9212
Online = +$9755
Tournaments = -$11200
Overall = +$7767

Despite my disappointment at getting knocked out of the main event i still have to have to try and earn some money on this trip. I played a long session of $10/$20 PL Omaha and it was a successful one.

These were the key hands.

- I am on $2200. I check raise preflop to $200 preflop with 8s9sThJh which is one of favourite hands. Flop 567 rainbow giving me the nuts. Loosey goosey checks to me. I bet $500. He goes all in for $1800. I call. He shows 7AQK and has just 3% chance of winning the pot. My hand stands up. I mention the 3% as that was the same odds i lost a $10000 pot with earlier in the week. He made a bold play and was probably thought that i was bluffing on that board after reraising preflop.

- I liked this hand. I call a raise preflop in early position with 9TJK. Flop TQ4. I call a $250 raise on the flop. Turn an A giving me the nuts. I bet $750. He calls. River a K. I assume we both have the same hand now. I pause then check as betting scares of any slight chance he may bluff. He bets $2250. I raise to put his last $120. He passes.

- The big one. Loosey goosey has managed to get up to $4700. I call a raise to $60 with TT22. Flop T34 rainbow. I check and smooth call his $200 bet planning on check raising the turn unless the board pairs. Turn an A. Rainbow board. He bets $600. I am pretty certain he doesn't have the straight or AA so reraise $2400 and he goes all in for around $3800. I call. River a 2. I hate that card. He shows K98A and was drawing dead in a pot over $10000.

I then lost this hand before i finished. Called a raise preflop with 7d8c9cAd. Flop 9dTd3s. $3000 in the pot on the flop. He has QQT4 and wins with two pairs. Had a whopping 77% of winning that hand.

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