Monday, July 04, 2005

Las Vegas Updates - Day 4

Cash Games = +$9212
Online = +$2275
Tournaments = -$11200
Overall = +$287

I was going to take a day off as i was still a bit down about how the cards went dead on me in the Omaha tournament. But after spending some time by the pool i decided to go and play in the $1060 mega satelite.... 130 players so 13 were due to win $10000. Here are the hands that eventually led to me being near the bubble. I finished 16/130...

We started with 3000 chips. These super satelites are great value i reckon from what i saw. You know you have a chance when this happens first hand.

- Blinds 25/25. I have KK. Raise UTG to 75. Late position guy reraises it to 250. I make it 800 to play. He calls. Flop 237. I move all in and he calls... does he have a set? No 66 so i double up.

I played some good poker to eventually get myself to 20000. I reckon you needed about 35000 to coast into the money. Blinds were 800/1600 and i picked up QQ on the button. All pass to me and i bet 5000 hoping one of the blinds would think i was on a steal. Bingo the big blind moved all in and i called. He had 8A. First two cards on the flop 88... i was short stacked then and soon exited. I was quite disappointed as that hand cost me $10000.

I can hardly say i am that unlucky when this happens online though.....

I decided to play a £300 NL Holdem Sixpack on Betfair. Was down to the last two and the blinds were 300/600 and i moved all in on a blind steal with 24 offsuit. Got called straight away by A5. Flop 234.. turn a 2. My opponent made a comeback and we got all in again. This time my A3 crushed AQ when the first card was a three.

Today i may play in the $1000 NL Holdem with rebuys. I can't make my mind up. You kind of have to rebuy immedietly and then have a double add on when the buy ins finish. So it could get messy. Not sure if i like getting only 4000 chips for $4000. We shall see.... if i don't play i will decide how it affects the profit/loss challenge that i set.


Coca919 said...

Yeah nice bit of luck in that 6pak against me Ben ;)

GL if you decide to play the $1000 rebuy.

Milkybarkid said...

Sorry about the luck Coco. You know how it is when the blinds get silly though.... its blind steal after blind steal. GL at the tables