Sunday, July 03, 2005

Las Vegas Updates - Day 3

Cash Games = +$9212
Online = -$110
Tournaments = -$10200
Overall = -$1098

Just got back to my room after getting knocked out of the $10000 PL Omaha after 4 levels with around half the field remaining. Had a tough table to say the least. Ross Boatman to my left then Phil Helmuth, Sonny Nijran, Shah, Chau Giang, Hoyt Corkins, Andy Bloch and a couple of unknowns. They must have over $10 million in tournament wins between them and Sonny is one of the best Omaha players around.

In 6 hours of play i can hardly recall any memorable hands. I flopped two sets in the whole period and had the nuts just twice. The biggest pot i was was when i held 567A and it flopped 48K and i called a pot bet and hit the straight when a 7 came on the turn. Eventually i flopped the Ace flush draw and with only 2700 left in front of me i got three way action when i moved all in. It just wasn't to be though. I'd be more disappointed if i was unlucky but i wasn't really. The cards just weren't working for me.

My favourite moment of the tournament wasn't even winning a pot. It was a quote from Hellmuth when he got knocked after Sonny Nijran made a good call against him with two pair, "You really don't know how to play this game do you."

I just updated the profit/loss again as i decided to play online for a while. Won $2890 on Betfair playing the £10/£20 Omaha... i saw much better cards in an hour there than in the whole tournament today. Still thats poker i guess.


Anonymous said...

Chin up dude

U got to love Helmuth tho!


Anonymous said...

How did Hellmuth get eliminated 'after making a good call'? Do you mean a good call EARLIER? Or is it just badly (hurriedly?) written. Hope you have a good editor at the Telegraph ;-)

Milkybarkid said...

Typo whoops. Nijran eliminated Hellmuth after making a good call. Will change it now.....