Thursday, May 19, 2005

Out in Round 1

I lost my first round match of the World Heads Up. It was a case of three coin flips which i didn't win any of. Had my opponent all in twice when i had got him down to 2000 from the starting 5000 chips and he survived. He took a massive lead when i raised preflop with JTs and he called with 7T and it flopped 89J... there was no escaping that one which left me crippled with just 2000 chips and it all went in when i flopped a straight draw on a 56J board..... still it was good fun but you do need a bit of luck to win these heads up battles. To be fair i should have just kept chipping away at him rather than risk doubling him up on coin flips.

Its the Omaha competition later this afternoon which i am going to play in. The Heads Up battles are alot of fun to watch but most of my tips exited in the first round. I did tell my mates to lump it on me and Isabelle to win first round matches so i did get one tip right. I will avoid betting on myself in future tournaments i think.

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