Monday, May 16, 2005

Barcelona Update

I have finally arrived in Barcelona after a nightmare trip which ended up taking 8 hours. The hotel has free internet access in the room so i will be able to post some updates and play online during the tournaments which last 9 days. The main event is a €2000 Heads Up Championship and its the draw later so i will post a couple of the interesting confrontions when i get in. It is flanked by a number of other events so it should be an exciting 9 days.

I hinted recently that i had a few bits of news. Firstly, i agreed a sponsorship deal with Betfair which i am obviously extremely delighted with. So this is my first official tournament as part of the Betfair team.

Secondly, i was approached a couple of weeks ago to do a weekly column for the Daily Telegraph. I accepted without hesitation and it was amazing to be asked. An opening article introducing me as a columnist should appear on on Saturday June 4th, which includes photos of me playing at the Gutshot. The first few weeks I will be explaining the basics of No Limit Holdem but after that i hope to write something that will be interesting for both poker newbies and regular players.


They have done the draw for round one. I am playing Gary Collins..... i imagine that he is one of the internet qualifiers. For the rest of the draw click here as i posted it on Blondpoker.

I played and lost two hands of Omaha in the €10/€20 game at the casino last night. Lost the first to Noah Boeken and the second to Devilfish..... still its been a successful trip so far as i managed to win £1200 on the Betfair tables earlier. The car challenge is now at £3400 so i am now in the VW Golf bracket... playing in the €300 Limit tourney in a few hours so will write a report on how that goes. Probably be a brief report with my Limit Holdem skills.


redsimon said...

Nice work Ben. Are you being sponsored for European events or will it include WSOP?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Richly deserved!

JezHR said...

Now I know why you've gone quiet ... you're actually in Barcelona! Memory of a sieve! I wondered how you were playing 10/20 last night vs DDU. This is how I have to keep up with you now, reding your blog! lol

I'm shocked you've worked out how to connect your computer to the internet BTW ... very advanced!

Work is pure unadulterated filth!

JezHR said...

Oh and with the ammount of heads up experience you have vs me for much higher stakes* there is no way in hell you can't win Barcelona.


Big Dave D said...

Nice 1 Ben.

Make hay whilst the sun shines.

To quote one of my favourite films, "One day, this war will be over".



Milkybarkid said...


The deal does include the WSOP but i am planning on playing in just 3 events as i am in Mexico for the whole of June. Looking forward to it.....

Jez - My heads up experience against you will hold be in good stead if all my opponents are loose aggressive maniacs.

JezHR said...

"Loose aggressive maniacs"

:O !!