Monday, May 09, 2005

All over the place

As i have not had much poker action in May I've decided i am going to Barcelona to play in the 2005 Heads Up Championship next Monday for 9 days. I went to the same area for a stag weekend not so long ago and it is alot of fun. When i get back from Barcelona i fly to Mexico a couple of days later. I've also booked my flights for Vegas from Mexico so i am going to be in Vegas from the 30th June - 16th July and then to Paris for my first WPT event. So i am hardly going to be in the country for the next three months.

Its going to be tricky to update my blog from Mexico but i hope to update it daily from Vegas with tournament and cash game reports. I am very excited already about my first trip there....

I also have a couple of exciting bits of news which should be revealed on my blog in the next few days.


Rob Sherwood said...

'Exciting bits of news'...... go on then, I guess Betfair have finally coughed up some sort of sponsorship deal for you??

Have you any plans to play online while you are in Mexico? Also, have you prebooked your month's accomodation and travel while you are there or are you making it up as you go along?

Milkybarkid said...

Ah well all will be revealed very soon.....

For Mexico i am indecided about whether to take a laptop as i will be backpacking for some of it. I wouldn't play there even if i did but i would like it with me in vegas where i am going straight after.

I am booked into places in Mexico City and Cancun but other than that i will make it up as i go along.

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