Thursday, May 05, 2005

Its a Fiesta so far

My car challenge has stalled. I left my flat in London and am staying with my sister who doesn't have internet access until late next week so i am missing all the juicy Omaha games on Betfair at the moment. So far for the month i am +£1300 which definitely doesn't buy me the kind of car i want. I will still have a couple of weeks to increase that amount when i get online again.

Someone asked me yesterday what i view as my best and worst game and it got me thinking. My worst is very easy - Limit Holdem. Maybe thats just because every time i play it i am on tilt. Still i think i have only played it once this year which could be an indication that i don't go on tilt as easy as i used to. My best game - Well i settled on PL Omaha (cash). I have won at that game every year since i first started playing 6 card Omaha in Cardiff back in 1996. I can still remember some of the names i used to play with. I wander where they are now. Maurice Goodfriend, Mo Gibbons (she appeared on Late night poker), Kaz Lee, Frixo (I always remembered him as whenever he won a pot against me he said, "You did nothing wrong.") It used to drive me mad. When i was in Wales last weekend i was really tempted to go and play to see if any of them are still about.


Speedy G said...

Does Mo Gibbon's husband, ex-Merthyr Tydfil footballing star Roger Gibbons,still own his highly lucrative 'Home Gibbons' franchise?

Answers on a postcard. I remember "you did nothing wrong". It was so annoying you adopted it as a catchphrase!!


Mel Lofthouse said...

you'll have to get across to our home game in slough one of these days, we play lots of cash games 6card omaha, and double flop omaha :)