Thursday, May 26, 2005

Mexico here i come

I am off to Mexico in a couple of days. This week has been so busy trying to get everything organised not only for that trip but also for Vegas. The Daily Telegraph article introducing me as a new columnist comes out on Saturday. It will be featured on the front of Weekender magazine.

I will try and update my blog when i can from Mexico... but most of the time i will just be relaxing in the sun and preparing myself mentally for the biggest few weeks of poker of my life so far when i arrive in Vegas.

So far my schedule unless it changes for the WSOP after i arrive will be:

July 1st No-Limit Holdem $3000
July 2nd Pot-Limit Omaha $10000
July 4th No-Limit Holdem w/rebuys $1000
July 7th Main event No Limit Holdem $10000


Speedy G said...

Good luck Ben,

Hope everything goes to plan. Will you have your mobile whilst out there?

Reckon the text messages at half-time last night cursed Milan. Now the scousers are saying that their result last night bettered United's in 1999. No doubt they did superbly well to get back into it, but hang on, didn't we actually win our game?

Geez, Baz

Pinky said...

Been lurking around your blog for a few weeks now and I must say it's a great read.

Have fun in mexico and all the best for Vegas. I look forward to reading about your sucesses.

Chris C said...

Oh my god. I love that Telegraph article.

"He looks like an IT geek...[which]is exactly what he was".

I'm not sure which is funnier - that you look like an IT geek, or that someone who has been known to struggle turning on a computer, has been outed as an IT geek to the nation!

By the way, the £3500 you won in third year of Uni - I don't remember ever seeing my cut of that. Are you saying those wins didn't coincide with one of those (many) times I lent you money?!?!?

Mel Lofthouse said...

GL Ben, go win a bracelet

Milkybarkid said...

Yeh got my mobile here with me Baz. Leiverpool were v lucky ... worst team to ever win the Champions League.

Do you remember that runs of wins? It coincided with going out about 28 nights on the spin.

In Mexico now ... time to go sightseeing.

Speedy G said...

So Ben,

Was that a so-called 'rugged look' picture in Telegraph?

I'm sure you should send this reporter to interview us lot instead. I've got around 14 years of truly ridiculous Ben Grundy stories that the nation deserves to hear!

By the way I've got an idea that might interest you that would be worth a few bucks! Will e-mail you tomorrow about it.


Anonymous said...

One of my favourite Milky Bar Kid episodes is 'The one where Ben ends up wandering around Cardiff at 6am with nowt but a medical gown and a bemused grin'.
I look forward to 'The Milky Bar Kid Memoirs' (fully illustrated) -coming out in hardback soon. A must for any coffee table.

Speedy G said...

One of my favourites involves a cunning slug, a bowl and a roll of sellotape. Ingenious!


Chris C said...

Baz, he told me he WAS trying for the rugged look. Yet again he fails...

Tonight we'll see if I can get a Vegas tournament win before Grundy. Watch out the $40 freezeout at the Sahara!

Milkybarkid said...


You so have to enter the first event of the WSOP..... bring home a bracelet.

Wander who that ANON message was? Hmmmm

Clive Gibbons said...

Ben, you will always be my hero.

Rhianydd said...

Alright Benny Boy!
I couldn't believe it when I saw you on the YV the other night! What are you like. Always knew you'd end up blagging something like this.

All the best in mexico mate, hope you kick some @rse.

Chris C said...

Decided against that WSOP event - not enough profit from my first few tourneys. I'm about $280 up though, only playing tourneys. Made the final 6 in my second tournament at the Sahara and we chopped it 6 ways. Very nice.

Milkybarkid said...

Hi Rhy

How did you manage to find my poker blog?

Chris - Well done on the poker. It must be mad out there at the moment with the WSOP starting

Rhianydd said...

Well, saw you on Eurosport and was gobsmacked, and quite chuffed for you, so I did a search and hey presto!

My fella managed to drag me into poker, so it has been interesting to hear how your doing.

Saw your article in the Telegraph on sat! WTF?!?! How did you mange to wangle that one?

We'll all have to catch up when you're in the country long enough!

All the best mate.