Friday, May 20, 2005

Barcelona - Omaha €300 Report

This was a freezeout Omaha tournament i had to hit the ground running which is exactly what i did. Started with 3000 chips and i was up to 14000 after the first level. I called a raise from the big bind with AK79 double suited and it flopped 68T which gave me the nuts and the Ace flush draw. I checked and there was two all ins before it got back to me. Both players had a set and didn't improve so that tripled me up.

The blinds were increasing every 30 mins and i kept swinging between 10000 and 20000. It didn't take that long for us to get down to the last 3 tables and i was one of the shortest stacks. I then went card dead and hardly played a hand for about an hour. Blinds had reached 1500/3000 and i went all in for 5000 with AKK9 which stood up. We were then down to 19 players and 18 were paid and i was still one of the shortest stacks around. Dave Colclough raised from the button and i was only going to call if i picked up a very big hand. I looked down at AA9J and moved all in. Again my Aces stood up so i was up to 20000 and no longer in danger of finishing on the bubble.

The blinds then increased to 2000/4000 and i was sitting with 16000 chips. Players were making moves to steal the blinds and not for the first time i found Aces in the big blind and moved all in with AAJ4 and my opponent was already all in from his raise. He had AKT4 so only his K and T were live. Flop KK2 and that was that. Still it was good fun and i got €570 for finishing 14th.

Its the €500 No Limit Holdem Freezeout at 5pm today so will give that a shot. Off to the rooftop pool now to relax before the tournament.....

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