Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I do read other blogs....

Just to prove that i do actually process some of the hints and tips that i come across on the net, this article on Big Dave D's blog from way back in June 2004 made me think about playing the nuts in a different way in PL Omaha.

I had almost the same situation on the $10/$20 table last week. It was $100 to play and i called in late position with AKK4 and five players saw a TJQ rainbow flop. A tight player bet out $500 in first postion and everyone else passed to me. I was 99% sure this player had the same hand as me so instead of making it obvious what hand i had i just called. Turn a 9 and he bet $1500. After a long pause i called. The river paired the T and he checked. I bet the full pot as i was certain he would pass assuming i hade made a full house which he did. He did type into the chat box, "You fish." :-)

I am feeling the need to play some tournament poker so may go to Vienna next week. Anyone else going?

Having an enforced break from playing online for a few days as my computer is packed away as i recently moved. So i may take a trip to the Vic for some Dealers Choice action.

I also had a chance over the weekend to watch some of the coverage of the British Poker Open on the Poker Channel and i have to say that i thought it was very good.

The most recent article of DoubleAS is interesting. I have had a similar experience recently trying to decide whether to play in the £10/£20 PL Omaha on Betfair. I have the bankroll and i am winning at the game when i play it. It's just the size of the pots make me feel sick when i lose and every bad beat/play costs a fortune. Like the pot i lost last week of £20000. That would pay my rent in London for two years. Its when i quantify the size of the pots with what they could be spent on that i struggle......

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Andrew T said...

This is a classic play outlined by Doyle Brunson in Super System. If I had my copy to hand I'd be able to give you the page number. I think the example he uses is Hold'em, but it's more effective in Omaha due to the increased chances of full houses being out there.