Saturday, May 21, 2005

Barcelona - NL Holdem €500 Brief Report

Massive frustration about this tournament despite the fact in won €1500 for finishing 12th. There were about 190 runners and i had built up a healthy 23000 chip stack after about 6 levels. I found KK in the big blind and called a reraise all in bet from the small blind for 16000. He had TT. The guy to my left said that passed 9T. First card out .... a T. That crippled me as i would have been up to nearly 50000 chips but instead i had just 7000 left.

I played really good solid poker to make the money and managed to get back up to a respectable 40000 chips when we got down to the last 18. The two hands that sent me packing went as follows.... Liam Flood went all in from the button for 12000. The blinds are 2000/4000 and i look down at an Ace and call without looking at the other one. He has Q6 ... and hit a 6 on the river.

It was left to my nemisis from Monte Carlo Rob Hollink to knock me out. He called my all in of 11000 chips from the big blind without looking at his hand (running antes meant there was 3200 extra chips in every pot). I had J8 and was delighted when he showed 8h5h till he rivered a flush.

When you make the money in these tournament you really need your hands to stand up and at the moment they just aren't.


Dode said...

Tough luck Ben. Hope you enjoy Utd winning the Cup Final later. Better luck next time.

Speedy G said...

Bad luck Ben,

You did nothing wrong. Hope you had a good trip anyway.

Doing the Great Manc Run tomorrow. We run past the 'Theatre of Dreams' TM so will introduce the rest of the lads to a 'proper' football stadium. Andy is insisting that the 'Mem' has more atmosphere. He just might be right!!


p.s. £70 up in my first two weeks on the crappy little tables. It's getting addictive.

Milkybarkid said...

Yeh come on UTD.

Good luck in the run Baz and keep chasing those fish on the Betfair tables. There is free money to be made :-)

hahahaaaahhahaahahahahaha said...

lol@man u

Milkybarkid said...

Surperior team lost! Like our other meeting this season we were a class above the gooners

JezHR said...

At least you are away from London and don't have to listen to the Arsenal supporter scum at work.