Thursday, March 03, 2005

This could be handy!

This could be handy!

Click here for a useful little odds calculating tool you can use for working out odds at Omaha 8/b… I have never seen one before. I thought I would use it to attack Tom McEvoy assertion that if you hold 4567 with one suit in middle position with two limpers that you should call. I made the assumption that there would be 5 players in the pot as there are already the big blind, early two limpers, McEvoy and probably one other. Against a random set of hands which were by no means great starting hands this handy little tool gave me the following stats that proves McEvoy to be the fish that Big Dave claimed he is.

Scoop: 4%
Hi: 15%
Lo: 7%
LoTie: 0%
EE: 0.127

EE (expected equity): Actual returned fraction of the pot for the hand.


Big Dave D said...

I cant exactly remember Tom's sig on UB, Michigan something or other. He was so bad at plo8b he was a game builder. Funnily, I asked tom online somewhere else, can't think why im not the groupie type, and he said "someone else played his account". Of course they did :)



redsimon said...

Michigan Mac.

Ben, have you played on Party since they changed the structures in the PLO PLO8? Loose is not the word!

Milkybarkid said...

Indeed i took my first stab last night. I quickly turned $700 in to $3000 on the $1000 PL Omaha table. Lost back $1500 then stopped as i wanted to concentrate on my Betfair qualifier. Insanity is the only word but bring it on. May have a dabble at the 8/better soon.... its even less suited for the crazy mugs i saw last night.

Have you had a go?

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of McEvoy but what on earth does your analysis prove?
Even ignoring the skill factor and assuming all players are equally skilled, a turn over (assuming that is what your analysis is)proves absolutely nothing. You can't make the assumption that when you hit with your hand you are as likely to pay your opponent is as likely to pay off your opponent as he is with you.

This is one of the problems with stealing with rag Ace's in limit holdem. The defender will often get paid by the Ace when he hits, but not pay off the raiser when the Ace comes.

If the tool simulates the playing of hands then fair enough, but if not then your conclusions and approach to addrssing the question is way off.