Thursday, March 03, 2005

This is what you call true form

Despite my recent form at PL Omaha my luck is still way out as far as NL Holdem goes. During my marathon Omaha session last week i thought that i would give the £2.50/£5 NL Holdem a crack and sat down with £350.

First hand i was dealt QQ. Nice start.... i raise it to £20 to play and the big blind wakes up and raises it to £50. I call. Flop QK7. For some reason i just feared he had KK. He made a small raise of £20 and i reraised it to £50.... he called. Next card a 7 to give me a house. He bets all in. I called and he had KK. Is there any way i could have passed this hand?

I had to laugh as for the third successive time i had hit a set on the flop i lost (albeit one of those times was my fault). That would be bad form in Omaha never mind Holdem.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ben,
been reading since you started but never wanted to comment before.

I thought you were giving up NL Holdem for a while? Especially after Jans results.
Anyway, the only way you could get away from that hand is if you had re-re-raised preflop and he came back over the top again....but still then it may be difficult to let go. Theres no way you could give it up post flop, even if the flop came done all the same suit.

Good Luck,

Milkybarkid said...


That was my last venture into a NL Holdem cash game (i broke my promise). At least it wasn't the £5/£10 or it would have been more costly. I am giving it up for March except for playing the odd Single table tournament but i'd be crazy to keep playing the cash games as my results were very bad in Jan and Feb. Feel free to comment/criticise whenever you like. Its the feedback that makes it worthwhile to keep this blog going.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben

I also read your blog,have come up against these situations, sometimes it just happens that way.

Cards, hands you get, you will automatically loose. the amounts you loose, are very significant to what you wager, so, to sum up, good players will loose less money or will go that one step higher in tournement play, as they will judge, to make lay downs,or to commit less.

We all benefit from our discussions, but live pay differs significantly from tournement play.

Ask yourself, what do I want ?

Luckyblind said...

Ben you are a very bad boy ! Not for playing the hand the way you did, I think in the long run you make money with that hand and flop. BUT you were supposed to be avoiding holdem like I avoid omaha ! I must admit I dipped my fingers in the omaha pool again and managed to break even after losing two and a half buy ins before going on a tilty rush ! Nice to see you posting more. BTW Irish open main event starts on the 26th not the 24th so you will have time to get here !