Thursday, March 24, 2005

Back to the grind

I thought I would have a go at a couple of satellites last night for the Irish Open and The British Poker Open. The Qualifier for the Irish Open on Victor Chandler never really got going for me and the best hand I saw in an hour was AQ. I was still in until a J high flop when I held JK but my opponent took all my chips with JA. I was concentrating harder on trying to qualify for the British Open on Betfair. With 11 out of 57 players remaining I was doing ok until I got crippled when I held QQ in the small blind and the raiser had AA. I then tried a bluff in the small blind and walked into AA again and I was out. One play I noticed that was just terrible was with 12 of us left the button limped with QQ. Truly a bizarre play at the best of times...... anyway it flopped 57A and the QQ then decided to reraise me and I wasn't passing 68 and made my straight and took all his chips. Why ever limp on the button with QQ when the big blind is about 1/10 of the average stack?

Before the excitement of the satellites I managed to get in a bit of time on the $1000 PL Omaha 8/better. Lost a huge pot early on when I held Ac2s4cKs and it flopped 3c5d9c to give me an uncounterfitable nut low draw, a wrap on the straight and the A flush draw. On the flop it turned into 3 way mayhem and the pot was $2500. Turn a 9 and the river a T. Very ugly and someone with a pair of 8's in their hand scooped. I was down to $200 and soon flopped the second best flush with a back door nut low. I wasn't passing that and was up against a lower flush, a bare A who tried bluffing and trips. So I was back up to $800. I then managed to win a big pot when I held 2346 and it flopped A59 and I made double nuts on the river and I was up to $1700. I was then involved in another huge pot when I think my opponents play was terrible. I held Ad2h4dKh and it flopped 3d5d8s..... again I already had the nut low, wrap and the A flush draw.... a complete monster. All my $1700 was in the middle on the flop and it transpired my opponent had 889T. Ok so he had the nut high on the flop but he is being completely freerolled. Assuming no pair up I have about 16 cards in the pack to scoop. Luckily for him the turn and the river didn't bring any of my outs .... dammit. Finished up with $1900 so not too bad all in all.

I have decided against going to play in the Irish Open. I have spent so many weekends away of late I kind of want to relax and see my mates. Will probably head to the Vic to play Dealers Choice on one of the evenings..... I am sure there are some good value tournaments online with it being Easter as well.

Regarding my article in Poker in Europe I will probably have a go at my own exercise later and publish it on my blog. I will be ready for tomatoes to be thrown at me. :-)


Anonymous said...

Geez Ben. How do you find the time for all your writing ? Are you sponsored by the NHS ? Have a good Easter !!

Milkybarkid said...

Geeeez i can always find the time to write about poker!! My NHS sponsorship is soon to be over :-)

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