Sunday, March 13, 2005

My own steps challenge

I created my own step challenge on Pokerstars last night. I have played Heads Up quite a bit in the past with good results and always fancy my chances against any regular Pokerstars player.

Here is how it worked:

Step 1 - $100
Step 2 - $200
Step 3 - $500
Step 4 - $1000

The only gap in the system being that I had to pay an extra $100 even when I win Step 2 to move to Step 3.

I tried it four times and managed to complete my step challenge once. Once I lost on Step 2, once on Step 3 and once on Step 4.

So it cost me $700 plus all the juice I was paying moving up the steps so probably more like $1000.

My return was $2000 for the one I won. It should have been $4000 though. The time I lost on Step 4 I was against possibly the worst player I played all night heads up. I had him all in 7 times and he survived each and every one. Sure he was favorite on about half of them but I still reckon the odds to survive 7 all ins were about 128/1 working on a coin flip basis. Very frustrating and the one time I was all I lost... damn typical.

I was looking back over my records and noticed that I haven't played any Live Cash since February 5th. I guess when my online results are going well which they have been then it’s less tempting to go and play with people who actually have a decent grasp of the game. The situations that pay you off at the Vic are far less frequent than online. I will be returning to the Cash scene with a bang though during the festival the week after next.

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