Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Omaha Questions

I was scouring the net and i came across 20 questions by Tom McEvoy on Omaha Hi/Lo Split. I scored 16/20. On three i could see how my answer could be wrong but I think he is wrong on the following question.

You have 4-5-6-7 with one suit in middle position with two limpers. Your play is?

a) Call
b) Fold
c) Raise

Your Answer: Fold
Correct Answer: Call.

For me this is a clear fold before the flop. Does anyone else agree?

Ok so i am bored today so here is a little Omaha quiz i have put together.

The game is nine handed on Pokerstars. Each player starts with $1000 in front of them, blinds are $5/$10. I know this doesn't go in to detail on how each particular opponent may play but that would have been too complex. Assume the players are average/good aggressive players.

1) There is a small raise to $30 and you call on the button with 6d7d8c9c and 5 players see a flop of 7h10hJs so you have flopped the nut straight. Small blind bets $150, two players pass, and the player to act before you reraises to $400. You are sat there with $970. Do you?

a) Raise all in
b) Call
c) Fold

2) You are in the small blind. Pre flop under the gun raises $25 to play and there are 3 callers before the button who makes it $150 to play. You hold JcQdKcKd what do you do?

a) Fold
b) Call
c) Raise

3) You are on the button. Five players including you see the flop, one raise to $60 to play, pot size $300. You hold AdJdJh7c and the flop is 4d5d6c. First to speak bets $200 and another player moves all in for $700. You have $900 in front of you... your move?

a) fold
b) call
c) Raise all in

4) You in the small blind with Ah 9h Ac 6d and raise to $50 to play and all 9 players see a flop of AdThJh. Pot size is $450. You are first to speak .... what do you do?

a) Bet pot
b) Make a bet less than the pot
c) Check and if someone bets call any amount
d) Check and if there is a bet raise
e) Check and if there is a bet pass

5) You are in a late position and call $40 to play with JdQdKc8c. There are 3 other players who see the flop which is JcQc4h. First to speak bets $160, both other players call. Its on you.. do you?

a) fold
b) call
c) Raise less than the pot
d) Raise the pot


redsimon said...

McEvoy's hand. I would fold very quickly!

Quiz. I don't play much PLO. (As my answers will no doubt show!)

1. Fold. I can see my nuts getting "squeezed" on that board.

2.Fold. I'm thinking one or other has AA?

3. Fold. Hmm I'm looking a bit weak/tight here.

4. b) Think even if my foe has QJ I have a bundle of outs. Probbaly bet 1/2 pot.

5. d) Maybe I got fed up folding. :)

Big Dave D said...

yes i would pass the hilo hand too...but most seem to think McEvoy is a fish. He certainly stunk playing plo8b on UB in the day.

Nice quiz btw.

1. c) although sometimes I would reraise preflop.
2. b) maybe c) maybe a), % wise I reckon 80/15/5, player dependent
3. a) or b). More likely b) if I think i might get an overcall. c) is very bad, imho.
4. b) I almost never bet the pot :) I bet looking for action. To be honest, I prolly dont raise preflop.
5. c) although it would very nearly be d) I could imagine a scenario live where I could pass. With the typical online monkeys tho, I think its a clear raise.



OnTilt said...

1 I think you have to consider folding here. You are hardly commited at this stage and could easily be up against some nasty redraws.
2 Call.
3 Probably Fold, Call/Allin if I think I can definetly get enough action behind.
Dave why do you think C is so much worse, surely the extra 200 is likely to go in anyway?
4 I could see myself going for any of A/B/C
5 Bet pot

Milkybarkid said...

Well here are my answers for what they are worth.

1) Fold. This is a definite passing the nuts scenario in my opinion. The foe that has reraised could have no end of improvements to the flush and/or straight which would put you in a big mess.

2) Call. Though i would probably fear a reraise from the player UTG.

3) Fold. Though you could argue a call could be the right move if you are pretty certain that it will be a three way pot.

4) Check and if there is a bet raise. I think as the entire table has seen this flop someone will have a stab at it and i could then move all in. Ideally i would want all my money in the middle against 2 or more players. I think you could make an argument for a, b, c or d.

5) This is a tricky one. I would be fearing that neither my top two pair or my K flush draw are good as there are 3 players that have shown an interest in the flop. But i think i would have to call $150 in to a $600 pot and see what happened on the turn. If it was a blank and someone bet alot on the turn i think i would pass.

Milkybarkid said...

I enjoyed writing a quiz. Maybe i will do another with more questions but this time do a McEvoy and score your answers. lol

Rumours are that Milkybarkid is a fish!

Big Dave D said...


The reason that raising with the nut flush draw is worse, in that example, is that you need to try and get the early bettor to call. There is almost no chance of you winning this pot unless you hit the flush so you can only gain by letting him in. So give him a chance to get "value" on the overcall, rather than a disincentive by going allin. A lot of players online will see the 3 to 1 and call with hands they shouldnt, and even if they have trips/two pair the decrease in nut outs is more than compensated by the increase of $ in the pot.



Big Dave D said...

The reason I dont like a call on 5, ben, is that if you are going to pass if a blank comes, you are really only calling for 3 outs (Ac and 2 Qs). This is supposed to be a typical Stars game...people could be in here with a whole motley cru of hands. The parlay of you call to hit 3 outs, or you call and then everyone checks to you n the turn is I think too remote in that game. Also you are giving someone a chance to hit a miracle middle pin or mystery trips. I think its raise or fold, unless I and the original raiser had monster stacks.