Monday, March 28, 2005

Brain freeze

I stupidly decided to go to the Vic on Sat evening and donate £2000 of my hard earned reddies to the Vic regulars in the Dealers choice game. I had drunk a “few” pints in the afternoon and decided in my wisdom that I was still ok to play in the cash game. I didn’t play terribly but I certainly didn’t play well either…. Twice I lost very big pots when I held the nuts when my money went in the middle but I just wasn’t feeling on my game so should have given it a miss in the first place. I made a few stupid bluffs as well and walked into a serial check raiser… I should have known better. One big pot that I played in the Omaha 8/better got me thinking….. I held TsThJhQc and it flopped 2d8dTc to give me top set. I make a big bet of around £250 and get reraised by a solid player £750. Does this now become a passing hand? Over to the Omaha/8 better experts that read my blog…… ok so I have top set which is the current nuts… but I have no low draw so effectively if a low card comes on the turn I am being freerolled for a potentially massive pot. My opponent did indeed have a massive draw holding the nut low flush draw and a straight draw and he scooped with a 7 on the river.

So yesterday I thought I would get involved in the $1000 Omaha 8/better tables on Party. I sat started with $1000 and was treading water for around three hours but had managed to get my stack up to about $1700 when I was involved in a couple of massive pots. The first I held top set on a QJ9 flop and called a $150 bet on the flop and a $450 on the turn as it was three way action so the pot odds were good if it paired up. A J on the river and I bet $700 and got called by one of the other players and I was up to $4000. Remarkably I was involved in an even bigger pot on the very next hand. I held A355 and it flopped 544 rainbow. I reraised on the flop and got two callers and there was $700 in the middle. Turn a T and both players check to me and I bet $700. Both players call. A 2 arrived on the river to give me the nut low as well as a full house. I bet $2100 and one passes and the other calls the $1200 he had left in front of him and I scooped. Not sure what he was calling with but I assume he had a smaller full house than me and some kind of low hand. I was up to a high point of $7000 and carried on for about an hour when I dropped a $1000 so finished $5000 up. So I managed to turn a somewhat disastrous start to the weekend into a small profit.

However despite winning a bit over the weekend I am still not happy with playing on Saturday evening. With poker being my only source of income very soon such costly mistakes need to be eradicated.

Enough of telling myself off anyway….

The week ahead

I have been looking forward to the Vic festival for a few weeks now. I will be playing in all the events below probably. The only tournament I may miss is the No Limit Holdem Freezeout £750 a miss because I don’t particularly like the structure/starting chips.

Mon, 28 Mar Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Unlimited Re-buys £250
Tue, 29 Mar No Limit Holdem Freezeout £750
Wed, 30 Mar Pot Limit Holdem Unlimited Re-buys + 1 Add-on 90 £200
Thu, 31 Mar Double chance Pot Limit Omaha Freezeout £1000
Sat, 02 Apr Championship Event No Limit Holdem Freezeout £1500
Sun, 03 Apr No Limit Holdem Freezeout £300

I am sure there will be a few tournament reports. I kick off this evening with the Omaha Hi-Lo. At the last festival I was chip leader when we were down to two tables at this event only to get crushed when I got ¾ of my chips in the middle preflop with AA23 double suited v A2KK. I ended up finishing on the bubble. Hopefully my luck will be better this time.

I am sure blondepoker will be doing Live updates for some of the events.

On another note I have added a link to a new blog. Sherwood Poker… check it out.

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