Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Yikes... its just a week away!

It was a pretty cool package I won in the Betfair satellite to the EPT final starting next Wednesday. Included in the package is 5 nights in the luxury Hermitage Hotel, €2000 spending money and €750 drinks/food allowance.
I am also getting a Helicopter with the Betfair crew from Nice to Monte Carlo.

It’s hard to think about anything else at the moment. I just checked the official EPT Final website and the prize pool currently stands at €1360000. I expect that it will be over €2000000 by the time we kick off. It may be a while before I get the opportunity to play for such a big prize pool again.

It’s a four day tournament and I found the tournament structure for day 1 which is below and wow is it slow. I have never played in a tournament with such a slow structure. I have the next week to devise my strategy. I imagine with the entry being so big that the field will be very strong and I will have to be at my very best and get lucky as well.

Starting Chips 10000

90 Minute Clock

Level 1 25/50
Level 2 50/100
Level 3 75/150
Level 4 100/200
Level 5 150/300

I am not sure whether to provide blog updates or not at the end of each day. Guess if I am still in after Day 1 I may but if I have been knocked out I probably won’t.

So far my form this month has well and truly been in. I haven’t had a losing session online and I played four £50 STT’s on Sunday finishing 1st, 1st, 1st and 2nd. For the first time in my poker life on the flop I hit set over set over set and tripled up on the very first hand. If only that could happen in Monte Carlo…. Well one can dream can’t they?

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redsimon said...

750 euros for food. Should get you a round of sandwiches and a pot of tea :)

Have fun and keep us updated!