Sunday, April 30, 2006

Decisions decisons - part 2

Thanks for all the responses to tournament hands on the post below ... here it what happened, and my thinking!

Hand 1

Out of the three options i like calling the least. It doesn't give me much information and if an Ace, King or Queen arrive on the flop, the situation becomes even worse. I could call to try and flop a set.

If i was to raise, I would make it 35000 to cover the original raiser. This play would indicate a massive hand. Most players would put me on QQ, KK or AA with this move. The problem with raising that much, is if the button does have a genuine monster hand and then pushes in for 75000... i would then probably fold even though i am kind of pot committed. The original raiser could also have a hand that he wants to play his 35000 chip stack for... especially if he considers that the button and cut off may now fold, offering him even better odds to call.

What i actually did was fold. Though i wouldn't fold here every time.... something like fold 70%, call 15% and raise 15%.

Hand 2

Given that the SB has only called before the flop i ruled out him holding JJ, QQ, KK or AA as he would have reraised with these hands. So the hands he could have here in my opinion are 55, 66, 77, 88, 99, TT, A7, A8, 56, 67 and 89. Leading out with a set here would be a good play is it’s likely to get action from an overpair. Was he making this move though?

I actually decided to call. Reraising was too expensive and i wanted to see his reaction to the call. If he led out with a big bet on the turn i was willing to fold. The turn was a Jack. He checked and i bet 20000. He folded and showed 99.

Hand 3

Well the options here are call or fold. This is probably the most easiest decision of the three hands and i called. He mucked very quickly. I thought he could only have me beat with 69 as i think he would definitely have raised preflop with 77, 88, TT or KK.


Deal'em said...

2 out of 3...missed the easy one somehow. I thought his small river bet could be anything, but your small raise could only be a big hand. Then he re-raises but not a huge amount like he wants you in. Puzzling play with anything other than maybe Kings two pair.

Omaha-High: how would you play this flop head up vs a very aggressive player? Opponent raised preflop. You are first to act and flop comes 7 10 3 two hearts. You have nut flush draw and the 89 for an open ender. You both have a stack of about 1,200.

I think I bet out flop and he raised pot, I called...missed turn and check folded to pot bet. I generally don't like to get my money in on draws head up, but I was sorely tempted to pop it all the way at flop and take my chances. Thanks.

Nemesis said...

Hand 3: If the guy went all in, would you have still called?

Milkybarkid said...

Hi Deal'em

Regarding the Omaha hand it depends what the blinds are. I think you aren't doing anything wrong if you get your stack all in on the flop.

Check folding is ok on the turn as long as you haven't committed 40% or more of your stack already on the flop. If you have you are pot committed to call the turn bet.

Milkybarkid said...


Hmmm i probably would reluctantly fold. I would have stared him down and thought about if for a while first though.

Highstack said...

Would a massive overbet not have looked weaker?

I would have thought all in ott of your reraise would be trying to squeeze you out, so I find it interesting that you would dwell and pass.

I am aware that quality tricky opponents can be deceptive enough to make an overbet like that, but from what you describe, I don't believe that all in here, would have been any more scary than the bet that was made.

Milkybarkid said...

Hmmmm it depends on my read of that player in the situation.

He certainly must have had something to call the flop bet from me. Its not impossible he could have 69 or even 9J (if he likes playing two overcards)

I just don't like going broke with this hand. If i feel he is bluffing though i would make the call.

richard trigg said...

i did same as you exept i raise min on hand 2 on the flop, but call is ok, u can represent if an overcard hits the turn wp. i think hand 1 is an auto muck