Monday, April 10, 2006

Luton Springfest

I made a last minute decision to play the £1500 main event at Luton, which proved a good decision as i managed to finish 3rd for just over £20000. I needed to play a decent size NL Hold'em event to get Monte Carlo out of my system, so was very happy with the result. Normally i would run through lots of the hands i played, but i have so much to organise before i fly to Vegas on Wednesday i haven't got time.

I can't wait to get to Vegas for the WPT championship now. Its a huge tournament, and with 50000 starting chips i'm sure it will be a different experience to what i am used to. There won't me too much dead money in an event with a $25000 buy in, so i expect i will have to be on my best form to even have a chance of doing well.

I shall update sometime later in the week after i arrive....


Alex Martin said...

Superb effort. good luck in vegas, go hurt some yanks. Hope you do well in the (bound to be) very tricky WPT event and fly the flag with flair. ;)

TheWaster said...

Good luck fella. Bring me back a stick of rock.