Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bellagio Five Star Poker Classic - Update 3

$5000 No Limit Holdem

Very very frustrating. I ended up finishing 29th of the 347 thats started. I managed to dominate my starting table that included Tim Pham, Grinder and Matasow and was up to 80000 from 10000 starting chips by the end of level 3, i was chip leader for a good few hours. Played one pot bad then got unlucky and found myself back down to 40000.

I ducked and dived and with 40 ish people left i was averaged stacked. This was the turning point hand. I had 65000 chips and everyone passed to me on the button. Blinds were 1500/3000 and both blinds had 24000. My hand was AsJs so the correct strategy is to push here. I bet enough to put them both all in. SB dwells for 2-3 minutes and calls with J8 OFF? Of course the 8 rivers and i am left shaking my head in disbelief. This guy had actually been playing tight before that. I got back up to 70000. Mid position made it 10000 to play i had AhKh on the button and pushed all in. The BB this time went into the tank and eventually called his 37000 stack with AQ off. The original raiser passed. A queen on the flop scooped a 88000 chip pot. I win that one and i have around 120000 instead i had 33000. Got back up to 65000 again and lost a coin flip for another 50000 chips with 99 v AK. Eventually i walked into KK with my KT suited when short stacked.

Hopefully i am saving my luck for the main event. I should have made the money in that tourney at the very least!

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