Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bellagio Five Star Poker Classic - Update 2

$3000 No Limit Hold'em

I could have asked for a better starting table considering the amount of good players there were in the field. If you raised 6 times the big blind you were guaranteed 2/3 callers at least. I couldn't pick up a hand though. We started with 6000 and i did manage to get up to 8000 at one point. My chip count slowly decreased and i was at 5000 on level 4.

- Blinds 100/200 and running 25 ante. Four limpers as usual and i had AQ on the button. I made a large raise to 2000 and one of the limpers called. Flop 29K. He checked, i moved in and he had JK. That was that......

The same guy earlier called a small bet on a 9KA flop with 78 no flush draw. The turn and river were 5 and a 6 to give him a straight. lol

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