Sunday, May 07, 2006


Thats how the PL Omaha games on Crypto have gone this week. A few new players have joined and there have often been 3 or 4 £10/£20 on the go at the same time. Two of these players in particular have been running very well and are tough opponents. They are extremely tricky and aggressive, the average pots with these two on the table have often been over £1000. The swings have been huge.

The week started badly. Monday i was in for £22000, and ended the day even after being up £10000 at one point and later down £15000. I finally went to bed even at around 8am. Tuesday was my first really bad day since January online. I was playing 5 tables and for five hours i was brutalised. I lost a £13000 pot when i made a back door Ace flush against a straight flush. Having been up £8000 early i gave up £17000 down. Not good.

Wednesday started very well. I did very well Heads Up winning £10000 in about an hour. I was hitting everything and even got quad Aces against quad nines. I hit a high point of £16000 up. Swung back down to £4000 up, played for about another 6 hours and finished £13000 up. I didn't play so much the rest of the week, with no big wins or losses anyway.

For the week i am down about £5000 which is not so bad. It could have been worse and i still have the Sunday night games to play, so i may be able to wipe out the loss.

I played the Showdown Poker Tour event yesterday. I managed to get some amazing hands and never got paid. Whenever i bluffed, or had a marginal hand i got called and lost, guess it goes that way sometimes. Not sure what the next tournament i play will be. Am starting to look forward to the WSOP. It's not so long to go...


Rory Cartwright said...

Nice blog...

I heard the Showdown didn't get to many players. Its coming over here to Dublin soon enough, hopefully I can fluke a ticket into it!

good luck

Milkybarkid said...

Yeh i am heading over to Dublin for the second event.... hope to see you in the field.