Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Well thats what i am doing on the poker front at the moment. I am not feeling motivated to put in the hours online and whenever i do manage to play i am winning. Are blogs more fun when the player is winning or moaning about bad beats?

My weeks seem to have a theme at the moment. Play for a few hours on Monday/Tuesday and win £3000-£6000 and then retire and enjoy the week. At the moment i have no immediete need to increase my bankroll, so am more than happy ticking along with these wins at the moment.

I have won a few pots over $5000 since i last posted.. here they are!

- $10/$20 NL Holdem - I have $2800. I raise in middle position to $60 with 4s5s. The button makes it $120. It probably means a big pair but i am getting great odds to call. Flop 4d5dQs. I bet out $200 hoping he has an overpair and reraises. He makes it $440. I think the instant all in would make him think i was on a draw, so i pushed all in. He called with KK and my hand stood up.

- $10/$20 Pot Limit Omaha - I have $2800. I raise to $70 in the cut off with Ad4d5c6c. The BB makes it $220. The BB calls and i call. Flop AhQh4s. I'm not loving the flop considering the reraise so i check to the button. He checks behind. I can't put him on AAxx or AQxx as he would surely want to protect it against the flush and straight draws. The turn is a 3c. BB checked again. I was convinced the button would bet this time so i checked to him and he bet $650. The BB called. I was sure i was ahead, and if not i still had outs to make a straight so moved all in. The button folded but the BB called. He had a straight draw and flush draw that missed.

I am hoping to play the Luton main event this weekend but other factors may stop me from being able to do so. The same applies to the WPT final at the Bellagio. I am meant to be flying out next Wednesday so am keeping my fingers crossed that i will be able to go.


andy said...

more fun when your losing, cos then you have something to write about.

j/k always good to book small wins.

Slimeface said...

Good work! ))