Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Back to NL cash

I decided to give the $25/$50 NL Hold'em a go yesterday and sat with $4000. It started off heads up and soon became four handed. I managed to get up to $7000 playing Heads Up against a player i believe is Pokergirl. When we reached four handed this pot happened.

- I limp UTG with QQ. The button makes it $200 and the BB goes all in for $4800. Hmmm. Surely he can't be making such a bet with AA or KK. It could be AK. I can't pass QQ very easily in a full ring game preflop so i can't pass it four handed. I call and he has TJ suited. He made a flush, but luckily i already had a full house.

- This hand was tricky. I made it $200 to play on the button with TT. The BB reraises it to $400. I call. Flop TJQ rainbow. He checks. I bet $650. He calls. Turn 3. He checks. I bet $1100. He reraises me $3000 more. I don't like the hand too much now. He reraised preflop so could have JJ-AA or AK. Best scenario is that he had AA or KK. he had another $4000 as well so i passed.

I finished just over $9000 up. I won't be a regular in the $25/$50 game but i will have the odd go if i am in the mood and the right players are there.

The funny thing about being on a good run is that i don't play very much. When i am losing i play loads as i think the more hands/hours i put in, the more likely i will start winning again.

I have booked my flights and hotel for the Bellagio $25000 in April now. Really looking forward to it. To start a tournament with 50000 chips should mean i last beyond level one. I will probably play the $5000 warm up event, and some cash as i am there for nearly a week before the main event starts.


Standaman said...

Okay I don't inhabit short handed NLHE games at this level but £4800 into into a £325 pot is kind of dumb. Either they get called by hand that has JT dominated and probably lose or they win £325. Does this type of play happen often or is this a rare abberation ? If it does I am selling my house to get into the game.

Milkybarkid said...

I have never seen this particular player before so i think it was a one off gift.

The game is normally fairly tight but you do get the odd crazy rich player who will donate to the whole table....

I will be ready to pounce if he plays again.

whichpoker said...

Hi Ben,

wd on turning around your 2006. I,ve started playingon betfair recently after bengt sorted out a rakeback deal for me. i play much smaller games than you, but sometimes railbird at the £25/50 game (occassionally seeing some incredible poker - such as the other day when a king on the river completing a fh helped someone to lose a £8000 stack to flopped quad nines!)

anyway - long story short, what is your poker nic on betfair? After reading your blog it'd be nice to watch you in action...


KingDubai said...

Ben plays on there as COOL1

Milkybarkid said...

lol at Cool1

My poker name on Betfair is bennyboi