Thursday, November 10, 2005


Not just was i too ill to go to Amsterdam the title has been very apt, considering the last few days of poker online.

The last three days i have played 40 hours and overall its been brutal. So many hands. These are the ones i remember from yesterday when i played for 18 hours.

I was playing three tables. Two £10/£20 NL Holdem and one £10/£20 PL Omaha. I had £7000 on one Holdem table, and £5000 on the other two. I was up £5000 when i had what must count as the worst twenty minutes of my life online. These were the fun hands

- £10/£20 NL Holdem. 6 handed. I get dealt 88 in the cut off. I make it £80 to play and the button with £3400 in front of him makes it £160. BB calls. I call. Flop K82 rainbow. BB checks. I have stopped slowplaying sets as i lost two huge pots the day before, so even though the board looked safe i bet £400 hoping the button or BB had AK. Button called. BB passed. Turn Q. I bet £675. He moves all in for £2800. Is it possible to pass there? He had QQ and i lost a £7000 pot.

- £10/£20 PL Omaha. 5 handed. There was a new player who is one of the biggest maniacs i had ever seen but had been hitting everything. Reraising all in with bad draws and hitting and was up to £10000. I had £5000. This player bet every time if i checked. I was dealt 6JQK and this player made it £100 to play. 3 callers. Flop 8d9dTh. I was first to speak so checked. Round to the maniac who bet £400. He could have absolutely nothing at this point so i decide to just call and hope for a safe card knowing he will bet again. The others pass. Turn 2c. Bingo. I check. He bets £1200. I make it £3600. He calls. River pairs the ten. I have to put my last £1000 in the middle and hope he hasn't made a full house. He turns over T822. So he had bottom set and two pairs on the turn when he called another £2400. Sigh. A £10000 pot where i had at least 80% on the turn.

- £10/£20 NL Holdem. Like i wasn't steaming enough when this happened. I was dealt KK in the BB. I limped and there was no raise. Five of us saw a wonderful looking K45 rainbow. I bet out £100. Late position min raised it to £200. He had £2800 in front of him. I min raised it back to £400 hoping he had a set. He shoved the whole lot in. I called of course. He showed Ad5d. lol. Turn and river diamonds to give him a back door flush to give him a £5700 pot.

Over £20000 worth of pots lost in twenty minutes does not go down well. I steamed off £5000 terribly in the PL Omaha. I was like a man possessed. Suddenly J327 was looking worthy of £500 preflop. Within an hour i had gone from being £5000 up to £15000 down. Time for a break for an hour or so.

The first session was 6 hours and the second would double that Despite being £15000 down i was just not ready to give up. So i decided to four table. Two £10/£20 NL Holdem, one $10/$20 PL Omaha and one £10/£20 PL Omaha.

I was still a bit on edge but determined just to make good decisions. It started of terribly again on the $10/$20 PL Omaha and i lost $4000 on there in two hands both when i was a nice favourite. I still wasn't tilting though and a few big hands occurred.

$10/$20 PL Omaha. 3 handed. I had $2500. Dealt QQK4 ds and i made it $100 preflop. Two callers. Flop Q89 with two hearts (I had king flush draw). Checked to me and i bet $300. First player check raised it to $900 and the other player called. I decided to move all in hoping to get a three way pot. They both called. Cards on there backs and they both had the straight and no improvements. Turn paired the board and i scooped a $7500 pot. Phew.

Nothing that remarkable happened after that. I played heads up and got someone on tilt who decided to put $3000 in against me preflop with KKA2 when i had AAKK. I ended up with $14000 on that table.

The real fun and games were to occur on the NL Holdem tables. I was running over both tables at one point. Everyone was playing very tight and in three hours i was hardly ever played back at. I had £5500 on both tables and was in for £2000 on one and £3000 on the other. Some big pots i remember.

I have been playing all sorts of hands, especially when i have a big stack. I just love the implied odds of them.

Some trash that i won huge pots with.

£10/£20 - NL Holdem. 6 handed. I limped with 79 off suit. Flop 68T. I bet £60. opponent bet £200. I called. Turn J. I check. He bet £400. I moved all in. He called with 66. No pair up and i won a £4000 pot.

These were my two favourite hands of the session.

- £10/£20 NL Holdem. 6 handed. I called a raise of £100 with 34 off. Its my new lucky hand :-). I called as 3 others had already. Flop A57. A deceptive double belly buster straight draw. I check. Original raiser bets £200. Button makes it £500. I am amost certain knowing the button he has a set. He has £2700 in front of him. I know i will get paid if i hit so am effectively calling £500, with the potential to win £6800. I call. Turn a 2 to give me the nuts. I go with my read of him having a set and bet £700. He goes all in with 77. I call. No pair up and i win a massive pot. He was irritated to say the least. Two words. Implied odds.

- £10/£20 - NL Holdem. I am dealt 6h8h. I am in the SB. Button makes it £80. I call. BB calls. Flop 4h5h2s. I bet £100. BB calls. Button makes it £300. I call. BB calls. Turn a 2c. Not a good card. I decide to bet £450 to see where i am. Maybe even win it there. BB calls. Button passes. River a Qc. I have 7 high. Hmmm. There is £2000 in the middle. Bet? Check/fold? Check/raise if he bets? I had trouble putting him on a hand. For some reason i kept thinking he had a better flush draw than me. I checked figuring if he bet big he wanted a call. He would check down a marginal hand fearing i already had a full house. He bet £300. No way was i giving up a pot of £2000 to a £300 bet. I quickly made it £1300 and he mucked equally as fast.

I managed to get up over £10000 on both tables at one point. I dropped a few big pots and finished with £9000 on one and £6500 on the other.

I did my calculations and worked out that i was £100 up for the day. God that was hard work. Felt like one of my best ever wins though. I am £5000 down for the week but considering it could quite easily be £25000, i am not too disappointed.


razboynik said...

Hi Ben.
How do you cope with these sizes of loss mentally ?
I would already thrown the computer through the window. lol

Milkybarkid said...

Its tought to be fair. You do get used to it though. I try not to let it get me down... and i always think tomorrow is a new day.

My phone did get thrown across the room the other day. The monitor is safe for now!

Andrew Shapter said...

Its nice to have something cheap lieing around to throw after taking a bad beat... save the price of a laptop haha