Monday, November 14, 2005

It was mad

I never got chance to update my blog with what happened for the rest of last week as i went away for the weekend. It was toughest week online i have ever had. As ridiculous as it is, i hadn't had a losing week online for about six months and last week could have been alot worse than it ended. These are the figures.

Monday -£6000
Tuesday +£1000
Wednesday +£100 (Though i was down £17000 at one point)
Thursday -£15000 (sigh)
Friday +£13500

Overall -£6400

I really lost my mind on Thursday. After what happened Wednesday when i was down £17000 and recovered after playing for 18 hours, i sat down Thursday and the same player who won the £10000 pot against me got me playing like a maniac again.

I lost one 55% hand for my first buy in of £2000. Then i lost another £2000 when i was all in with bottom set v top two pair and the board paired.

Then this hand.

£10/£20 PL Omaha Three handed. I had built back up to £5000 and was £1000 down for the day. Dealt QQA4. £100 in before the flop. Flop Q67 with two hearts (giving me the Ace flush draw) He bet out as he always did. I reraised. he reraised and i was looking at another £10000 pot. He turned over the only hand that i didn't want to see. 89Tx. So i was looking at another huge pot when i was a 75%+ favourite. Of course i lost it, was £6000 down instead of being £4000 up.

I then lost another £2000 when i had the nuts again on fourth street and a flush draw and he had just up and down and hit again. I was officially steaming. Then another £2000 when another player had top set v my middle set. £10000 down :-(

Time for a confession. I had had enough of Omaha... so what did i go and play? £100/£200 Limit. Remarkably, i managed to go on a rush and win £7000 in about 10 minutes... then i lost the £7000 in the next 10 minutes, and luckily came to my senses and left. I hopped back on the the Omaha but my mind was never right and i lost another £5000.

I actually felt ok the next day when i woke up, and decided to play some NL Holdem. I was in for £3000 on one table and £4000 on the other, but amassed £10000 stacks on both tables at different points over a period of about 10 hours. I did lose another few grand at Omaha.

I was laughing when i looked a bit further into where my profit/loss came from last week.

PL Omaha -£21500
NL Holdem +£15100

It seems that i can't play two games. I amassed £10000 stacks from £2000 at Holdem four times last week, at times i was really dominating the tables and feel good about my Holdem cash at the moment. I never thought i would say this but the reason i am liking NL Holdem cash so much at the moment, is often players are drawing practically dead against me in £2000+ pots which rarely happens at Omaha. Maybe i should give up Omaha?


razboynik said...

Hi Ben !
What would you do if you lost your entire bankroll ? ( God forbid )

razboynik said...

Do you use "pokertracker" or any other software to help your game ?
Maybe the competition has studied your game, and you're feeling the effects of it now ?

Milkybarkid said...

Lose my bankroll? Go back to an office job and build it back up again...

As for pokertracker. I have never bothered. I don't think my opponents are really playing any differently. I am just experiencing a down swing. Which is inevitable considering how swingy Omaha is. I was just spoilt for to long with my form.....

whichpoker said...

Hi Ben,

Just been reading your blog having read about you on Nice blog, well written and I enjoyed reading it - depsite the wince inducing swing descriptions.

Just a silly question - when you lose a monster hand because someone has played badly (the other day someone called all in with 5d5s on a board of 10d-9d-7c - and hit runner runner diamonds to beat my 10c-9c) what do you do? Do you ever say anything to them? Do you just take five minutes out - do you want to say something but resist the urge?

Just reading about those bad beats for that kind of cash brought back all those feelings of exasperation. Wondered how you dealt with it. lol.

Take care