Sunday, November 27, 2005

Caribbean Update 1

I arrived a couple of days ago in St Kitts. Had a grim week online before arriving that was so sick that i am not going to go into it in great detail. If there was a form barometer though online at the moment i think i about a 1.5/10. I was about a 2/10 until my KK couldn't beat 45 off all in preflop in a £5000 pot.

Played some live cash last night. Interesting line up at different times. Me, Jamie Posner, Tony Cascarino, Sonny nijran, Kabbaj, Polish Willie, Willie Tann, Rafi Amit, Robin Keston.

I did $6000 to Polish willie... two big hands when i was a big favourite and lost...

Hand 1 - I have TJKA ds. Blinds $10/$25 and i raise preflop. Tony Cascarino reraise. Willie calls. I call. Flop JQ4. Willie checks. I bet the pot which was $1300. Cascarino passes. Willie calls. Turn the worst card in the pack the queen and he bets $1000. I pass. He shows Q789. Wow.

Hand 2 - I had 5567. Blinds $10/$25. Flop 52K. Polish Willie bets $300. I call with the intention of reraising a blank on the turn. Turn a T bring back door heart flush draw. He bets $900. I reraise it to $2300. He calls. River a heart. He shows the flush and two pair.

I hate losing at live cash and i couldn't have not lost the way the cards were running. I got it back online to end the day break even.

I haven't played any tournaments as yet. Trying to spend as much time enjoying myself and not stuck at a poker table.

Hopefully my next update may include some winning hands.

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