Monday, November 07, 2005


I finally got tempted to go and play in the Masterclassics... so am flying tomorrow morning in time for the PL Omaha. I will perform my usual trick no doubt, and build up a big stack and be chip leader with 30 left, and not make the money.

Really looking forward to the trip. Especially the 5000 euro main event. Everyone raves about these particular tournaments, and i have never been to Amsterdam either. The laptop is staying at home so by the time i return it will be at least ten days since i played online.

I am in two minds at the moment about how much i should play online. I keep doing very well on Monday and Tuesday, then not playing the rest of the week. Maybe i should play all the time given the rush that i am on... but equally i don't want to push my luck.

Hopefully, i will be able to report back on some interesting hands in the tournaments and cash games that i play!

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