Thursday, November 17, 2005

It got sicker

After what happened last week i thought my luck couldn't get any worse but it did. It doesn't matter how well you play when, you lose the massive hands you are it will be a losing session as simple as that.

Mon/Tue were just horrific. I actually hadn't felt so low about poker in a long, long time. Not that i want to have a bad beat catalogue, but the BIG important pots were brutal.

£10/£20 NL Holdem 6 handed. I have £7000. Dealt 8s9s on the button. 3 limpers. I call. SB makes it £100. 2 callers. I call. Flop 88A with a flush draw. Original raiser bets £300. Passed to me. I make it £600 hoping he will think i am flushing and reraise with a big ace. He shoves a whopping £3200 in the middle. I call. He turns over AK. Turn an A and its all over...... I win that hand i am up £4000 for the day instead i was down £2000.

PL Omaha is where i have really been harmed recently....

£10/£20 PL Omaha six handed. I have £4500. Dealt 9TJQ no suits. I call a raise preflop and it comes 78K with a flush draw. Early position bets £300. I call as does the guy on the button. Turn a 6 to give me the nuts. First guy checks. I check (I know the player behind is likely to bet in this situation). He bets £1200. I reraise it to £3600. He calls with 99KA and the Ace flush draw which pops in perfectly on the river in a near £10000 pot.

I then lost with top set v bottom set and was all in with an Ace flush v a Queen flush, which made a straight flush on the river after the money was in.

It was all a bit of a blur but i was down £10000 for the two days play. Sick....

I decided one more shot this week and played today for 10 hours or so. I won £12500 at NL Holdem and broke even at Omaha. Hit some big hands at times and got paid. 73 suited won me two pots over £3000... so its rivalling 34 off as my new lucky hand. One hand was bizarre. I called £60 with 3h7h... flop 4h5h6s. Thats more like it :-). He bets £100... i make it £200. He makes it £300. I make it £400. He whacks £2800 in the middle with AK.... more play against me like that please.

To be up for the week after how i felt Tuesday evening feels damn good. Looking forward to my trip to St Kitts next week.

My Omaha/NL Holdem figures for the last two weeks are:

PL Omaha -£30000
NL Holdem +£26100

Thank god i starting playing cash holdem!

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razboynik said...

Hi Ben !
I seem to have similar experiences to you.
I either win on PLO or TX NL, but never both.
They say that everything evens out in the end; that bad players will lose in the long run, chasing dreams, but they never lose to you. lol