Sunday, November 20, 2005

Looking forward

I finished up the week a little over £5000 up, so for the last two weeks i have broken about even. Considering how bad my luck has been during that time it feels like i have actually won alot.

I definitely tilted badly in a couple of the sessions. These are expensive lessons now... because just thirty minutes of tilt can cost me £5000. Sure i may get lucky sometimes... but my game isn't about getting lucky.

I am really enjoying playing the £10/£20 NL Holdem cash tables at the moment. I had only ever dabbled a bit playing NL Holdem cash in the past, but its something i want to get much better at. I have already added a few things to my game that are proving profitable. I actually worked out a mathematical formula for one of them when i was on the train.. and although its in its early stages as far as the idea goes, its profitable at the moment. I think playing so many hands can only help me even more when i am playing Holdem tournaments.

I really wish i had gone to play in the Monte Carlo Millions. I am not sure why i didn't get round to scheduling it in. Its a huge buy in but i can take the odd shot at these things at the moment.

Only a few days before i leave for the Caribbean Poker Classics in St Kitts. I really can't wait and the main event is a $6000 entry so it should be a decent prize pool.

I may go and play the WPT event in Vegas a few days after St Kitts. I have wanted to go and play in a WPT event all, year and its about time i had a crack at one.

I have to buy a new monitor asap. I have been playing 4/5 tables at a time on my rubbish one, and i have misclicked costing me money on a couple of occasions. This happened last week... i misclicked and calmly moved in under the gun all in for £5293 with blinds of £10/£20 with 93 off. The worst thing was the the players i was sat with know me and they realised it was a misclick. Any decent hand and i am pretty sure i get called.


andy said...

do u use just one monitor? cos having 2 or more when playing 4/5 tables at a time is a huge advantage

Nemesis said...

I use Dell 2001fp, special deal only £329 each from Dell, ends 23/11/05

Here is a screen shot of someone else's setup using Dell 2001fp.

Good Luck

Milkybarkid said...

I do use only one monitor yes... and a very crummy one at that. Time for an upgrade.

Nemisis... I will take a look at that one you recommend now!


OnTilt said...

Are you not tempted by the deliberate 'make it look like a misclick' next time you have Aces then?

Toshiwonka said...

I've just ordered my new pc with 3 screens since reading this blog :).. Let me know when you upgrade and in the meanwhile i'll keep my eyes peeled for the misclicks ..

Milkybarkid said...

I just bought one of those Dell monitors...

thanks for the tip!