Thursday, December 01, 2005

Caribbean Update 2

The main event kicks starts for the other half of the entrants today, including me. I have hardly played any poker since i have been here so am looking forward to this one. I did manage to play the PL Omaha rebuy. My table was a rebuy frenzy with Robin Keston and Noah Boeken playing very loose. Good fun though and i only had 4 rebuys which was good.

I played the $25/$50 PL Omaha yesterday for a few hours as well. Found myself stuck for $3500 after making a bad call. I had 9JKK double suited and had raised preflop. It flopped8JQ. My two opponents checked, as did I. Turn a 9. We all checked again. River a T to give me the second nuts. They both checked and i bet $500 and was reraised full pot by a guy who had checked in first position. I called eventually and he had the nuts. His wife was sitting behind him and apparantly a player never bluffs when the wife is watching. So i will look out for the wife factor from now on....

I reloaded another $3500. The next big pot i played i raised it up to $150 with 5679 DS. Five callers. Flop 48T rainbow to give me 22 cards for the straight. I bet $500 and just one player called. The turn was a 2. He bet out $1200 and i just called. River a 5 to give me the nuts. He checked and i moved all in. He passed.

I also pulled off a few bluffs and showed one to Sonny Nijran which was key when this hand occurred. I had 48KA double suited and called $100 to play from Sonny preflop. Flop 489. He bet our $300 and Rafi called. I called as well. Turn a 4. Sonny and Rafi checked, and so did I. I figured i was either miles in front, or miles behind. River a 3. They both checked again and i bet $600. Sonny immedietly reraised another $1800. Hmmmm. I had already made one bad call and been shown the nuts. After pondering for a few minutes i just knew Sonny would love to show me a bluff, like i did to him earlier when i check raised with nothing on the river. I called and he mucked.

The game broke soon after and i won $3000. Hopefully i will get chance to play again before i fly back on Sunday.

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Lord Miros said...

"Flop 48T rainbow to give me 22 cards for the straight"

No matter how many times you count it, 5679 only gives you 16 outs to a straight. The 2 on the turn gives you more, but it's still only 20. As far as I know a 22-card wrap is impossible. I'd get back to your GCSE maths books if I were you.