Thursday, August 18, 2005

Onwards and Upwards

I have tried dropping a few levels and multitabling to take a break from the stresses of playing the 10/20 games. Mostly i have enjoyed it (probably because i am winning). The decisions are easier i find when i don't have to lump £3000 into a pot when i am only a marginal favourite. So i have dropped to 2/5 and so far so good. The bizarre thing i have found that as a general rule the players are actually better than on the 10/20 game. Some hands that developed into big pots....

I was treading water until this hand. I had sat down with $500 and was up to $620.

- I call a raise to $10 on the button with 4455 and six of us see a 236 rainbow flop. First player bets $60, call, call, call, call. Hmmm what to do now? I decide to just call as i suspect that they have two pair, trip hands and are all killing each other. I would have reraised if there was a flush draw. Turn a King of hearts to bring a flush draw. First player bets $150, call, pass, call, call. I move all in for about $400 more and all four players call. There hands 36xx (interesting), 33xx, KKxx and someone with the Ace flush draw. River a blank and i was up to over $3000.

- I called a raise to $25 on the button with JJT4. Flop J23 with the spade flush draw. Early position bets $100. I reraise to $400 and he moves all in for $1000. I call and he had the Ace flush draw and no other outs. He hits and i am back down to $2000. Do players on the net actually realise that the Ace flush draw with no other outs v a set is not a good spot to put all your chips in on the flop?

My winning streak has hit five and i am actually at a high point of online poker profit for the year. Considering the horrendous day i had last week i feel pretty good at the moment.

My next tournament is probably going to be in Barcelona for the start of EPT season two. I have given some thought to my performances of late and though i have had some really bad luck i have also made a few mistakes that i will put right in the next few tournaments i play in.