Monday, August 15, 2005

Luton Main Event

Frustration is the only word to describe my tournament form at the moment. I best pair that i saw during the first three levels was a pair of fours. I then picked up Queens and lost half my chips to someone with QK after i raised preflop. I was then moved and had just 4000 chips and went for a resteal with QK and walked into AK. Things will change i'm sure. Its not as if i am on a horrendous tournament run. Its only been seven tournaments since i cashed. I'm used to at least making the second day in the big events and that just isn't happening. At the moment if i go into an important hand behind i stay that way and if i am in front someone hits their miracle card.

Some good news on the poker front. Just finished my third consecutive win on the £10/£20 Omaha which more then paid for the disappointment of Luton. When i finally get broadband up and running in my new place i am going to vary my online play alot more to explore other ways of making money.