Saturday, August 20, 2005

Something different

I decided to try a few new games on Betfair just to vary it a bit from the PL Omaha. I played $30/60 Limit 7 Card Stud, $30/$60 Limit Holdem heads up, £5/£10 NL Holdem Headsup and £10/£20 NL Holdem.

The $30/$60 Limit 7 Card stud - I like playing stud though i think i am probably better at the Hi/Lo version

Couple of hands...

- I have AdTd hidden and a 9d showing. I raise and get two callers. 4th card is a 8d. I bet again. One caller. He pairs his Ace on the 5th card. I get a 7h. I check... he bets... i call. 6th card is 2h. I check with AdTd9d8d7h2h ... he bets. I call. Last card a 5h. I check. He bets. I reraise. He passes. Not sure how i got him to pass for one more bet. He must have put me on a banker straight.

- By the end of one hand i had QQ22 showing and get called by a player with two smaller pairs. Bizarre.

I enjoyed it and won about $300. I was gambling in places that i shouldn't have. May give it another go soon.

$30/$60 Limit Holdem heads up - Not sure why i tried this one out. My Limit play isn't great though i have read up on it a fair bit of late.

- I'm dealt QK. I raise preflop. He three bets. I call. Flop K26. He bets... i raise. He calls. Turn 7. He checks. I bet. He calls. River 9. He checks. I bet. He raises. I call. He shows K9. Now i remember why i hate Limit.

- I'm dealt 44. I raise preflop. He calls. Flop J23. Two hearts. He bets. I raise. He calls. Turn a 4. He bets. I reraise. He calls. River a heart. He checks. I raise. He reraises. I call. He shows 2h6h. Errgh .

I lost $2000 overall. Not a great experience. Though three crucial pots over $500 i was ahead till the river. Not again me thinks.

£5/£10 NL Holdem Headsup - Playing a guy from Denmark. We both started with £1000. I got up to £1450 without anything particularly interesting happening then he gave up.

£10/£20 NL Holdem - Started with £1100. Called a raise with AQs. Flop AT9. The original raiser bets £150. I make it £400. He goes all in. Its too likely here that he has trips, two pair or AK. The only hand i can beat that he is reraising with on that flop is AJ. I quickly ruled that out and passed. Overall down £600.

I don't particularly enjoy playing any game ten handed. Especially Holdem. I decided to scurry off to the Omaha tables again after that.

That little experiment cost me £1200.

So i started on the £10/£20 PL Omaha tables again.

Started with £1600.... my foe really got me good on this hand. Have never played against him before so had no idea how he plays.

- Three handed. I raise on the button with 6s7s8hTh. Small blind calls. Big blind makes it £200 to play. I call. Small blind passes. Flop 9JQ rainbow. He checks. I bet £400. He thinks then calls. Turn a 2. He checks... i check. I am pretty sure now he has trips or maybe AAKQ or something like that. River a 3. He checks. I think about checking. But as i checked on the turn i think i may get a call from trips not believing i have the straight. So i bet £700 into a pot of £1260. He thinks then reraises all in. I only had £300 left so couldn't pass. He shows TJJK. Hmmmm.... the check on every street with the nuts.... thats my trick dammit!

I then bought in for another £1700 and was quickly down to £1000 when my opponents left. I sat and eventually was joined by one player. Ok player who likes to gamble alot with marginal draws. I went on a wonderful run of hitting cards and was soon up to £3000.

Another ultra aggressive/maniac player joined who raises all the time preflop shorthanded.

- I call a £60 bet with 5578 and three of us see a flop of 542 rainbow. I am in the small blind and check. Opponent bets £150. I don't put him on the straight so reraise to £600. He moves all in for £1700. I call. He shows 36xx for the nuts. Turn 8. River a 6 and i make a higher straight. Up to £5000.

- I went on the best run of cards i have had ever i think. I flopped top set every time i played with a high pocket pair. The most fruitful was when i called a raise in the SB with KK7T and it flopped K95. I checked... both my opponets checked. Turn a 5. Managed to milk £1200 out of opponent with 59xx.

- I was up to £7000. Playing five handed now. Under the gun with AA9J double suited. I call with the intention of reraising after the small blind has made his guaranteed preflop raise. He makes it £100 to play. Big blind calls. I make it £400. He calls. Big blind passes. Flop K83 with two of my suit. He bets £900. I put him all in for his £1600. He shows K942 with no flush draw. Turn pairs the 8 to leave him nearly dead and a blank river and i am up to £9000.

I finished shortly after. Too many times in the last month i have been up alot on the 10/20 tables only to play to watch it dwindle before i stop.

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