Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Vic - £1000 NL Holdem

I never really go going in this one at all. I lost 1000 of my 5000 starting chips with TT and QQ when it flopped with an Ace and a King both times. Then a strange hand happened. Middle position raised to 300 when blinds were 50/100. Two limpers and i have QQ in the big blind. I decide to make it 1500 to play. The original raiser passes and he was the only one i was worried about until the button moved all in for 3100. I couldn't pass now with what i had already put in so called. I was still a bit surprised when he turned over KK. I was out shortly after. Hopefully i can do better in the PL Omaha Hi/Lo later.

I did manage to win £300 playing the PL Omaha cash game. I only played for ten minutes then a few players turned up that i wanted to chat to so gave up my seat. I'll probably play some more cash as the week progresses. No huge losses in the Dealers Choice like the last festival this time though......