Saturday, August 13, 2005


I think Luton have the best festival held in the UK at the moment. The £500 Pot Limit, £750 No Limit and the main event all have at least 45 minute clocks and 10000 chips to play with. Compare this to The Vic £1000 event you get just 5000 starting chips and they also miss a few blind levels.

I played the the £750 yesterday. Was seated on a bad table including Surindar, Gryko and Bushy. I did hit a few hands. One where i flopped the nut flush against Bushy and overbet on the river. For some reason he thinks i am a bluffer and called. Flopped a set of sevens on a nice 742 board but other than that it was a battle against the cards. Didn't pick up a pair above nines or AK/AQ for the last two and a half hours and eventually lumped my last 10000 in with A4 on the button with blinds of 1000/2000 and the big blind found AT. Still hopefully my cards will be better for the main event today.

Despite black Wednesday last week which saw the bankroll tumble i have continued to play the 10/20 game on Betfair. I thought it was going to be another of those days on Thursday this week when i flopped top set three times with no straight or flush on the board, got all my $2000 in the middle and lost each time. Twice to the nut flush and once to up and down (27% chance..sigh). I wasn't to be deterred though and eventually got even before i decided to play £10/£20 heads up. The guy i was playing was tricky in that he made it £60 to play each and every hand and would also bet £180 on 95% of flops (I think he only checked when he was going to check raise). He whittled me down to £900 when i picked up 37AK. It flopped 37J with my Ace flush draw. It all went in the middle and my two pair was enough. I then flopped middle set when i held 677Q and it flopped Q72 rainbow. I called his £180 bet on the flop and when the turn was a 5 i check raised him all in. He had a straight draw and flush draw that missed and i was up to £5000. I then let him bully me back down to £4200 when i flopped top set on a KT4 board. It all went in on the flop again and he had K4xx and was drawing dead barring a miracle. I reached £7700 and he got up to £2800 after taking out a third player who had joined the game. I picked up KK78 and raised preflop and he reraised. It flopped K94 with two spades. Again it all went in on the flop and he held TJQ8 with two spades so it was practically a coin flip. The board paired on the river to put me up to £10000. I lost £2000 back when i flopped a king flush and he held bottom set and the board paired on the river. I then won lots of small pots and finished with £9700.

It was a good day. I even won £500 playing roulette in Luton of £30. The last time i played roulette was in Luton and i won alot that time too. Maybe i should stick to the roulette there......

Since Barcelona i just can't string together more then two wins on the spin playing the 10/20 game. I've had two decent winning sessions this week. So get ready for the next post *crash and tumble part 2*