Monday, February 28, 2005

February 2005 Summary of Month

Here is my poker result’s for February. I am carrying on with the theme of evaluating each month like I did for January.


Sessions 7
Hours Played 34
Overall Return (per session) +$1073
Win Rate (per hour) +$221
Overall Profit / Loss +$7514

I should stick to the PL Omaha online. If I remove my NL Holdem results I would be +$15000 for the month. There isn't really much more to say when things are so obvious.

Live Cash Games

Sessions 1
Hours Played 4
Overall Return (per session) +$900
Win Rate (per hour) +$225
Overall Profit / Loss +$900

I should have played more live cash games. It’s been a busy month with Deauville and my birthday week which is a partial excuse.

Festival Tournaments

Tournaments Played 5
Hours Played 15
Overall Return (per tournament) –$621
Win Rate (per hour) –$207
Overall Profit / Loss -$3107

I won my seat for the EPT main event in France on Pokerstars so these stats are made up by 3 Sit N Go's that I finished 3rd in and two side tournaments at the festival. Despite my form being out and making a few key mistakes I am still looking forward to playing in many of these upcoming tournaments.

February Profit/Loss +$5307

Yearly target +$2972

2005 Overall Profit/Loss +$16372

I was heading towards a poker loss for February until the last few days of the month when I managed to have a couple of very good online sessions on Betfair. It hasn’t been the greatest month so I am just happy to have made a profit and have hopefully learned from a few costly mistakes in tournaments and through my game selection this month.


bazza12 said...

Glad you had a good end of Feb. I bet you can't wait to give up work. Catch up soon mate

aka Speedy G said...

Hi Ben,

Just got online with broadband and found the page you've been going on about which I couldn't access from work.

Will bookmark the site and see ya soon in York for beers!!


Anonymous said...

alright ben,

hope to see you winning some more money! stay away from holdem

Nick Wright

Milkybarkid said...

Ah the Wright brothers are reading my blog.

You should both get involved with playing some poker yourselves.

Valley G said...

Jammy Bastard

well played mate

aka speedy g said...

Nick has started small time for fun apparently so you never know!!

You always said I'd make a good player, but then again you probably just wanted to rinse me of all my means!!