Thursday, February 03, 2005

They say old habits die hard....

Well it had to happen. I did manage to go through a month and not go on tilt online.

Till this happened.

I was cruising along in the £5/£10 NL Holdem on Betfair when the following happened.

Sitting with AA in the big blind I was pleased when my foe raised it to £50 to play... I called and just the two of us saw a flop of AJT rainbow. I check and he bets out £500. A massive overbet. It’s really an easy re-raise though because there is no way I thought this player would bet so much with the nuts and even if he does have QK I still have 35% of winning this hand. I reraise him his remaining £200 and he types "oops" in the chatbox and then calls. He turns over AK. Q on the turn and no pair up and he wins a pot of £1500.

Later I did the following analysis of hand that he could have had.

Worst case scenario

AA v QK = 35% chance of winning

Other more likely scenarios

AA v any two pair = 97%
AA v trip J or T = 93%
Gutshot draw = 88%

So I lost to a 12% chance. I think I can cope with bad beats now but not horrific 12% ones in £1500 pots.

So yes I went on tilt.... at one point I was down £2000. Thank god for Omaha and heads up......

At least when I am playing ultra aggressively in Omaha I still only commit my entire stack when I have the right pot odds unlike in NL Holdem when my play is generally very bad if I am tilting.

I also played heads up £2/£5 NL Holdem after I gave up on the ring game..... I actually thought I played very well and turned my £300 on there into £700.

Overall I ended up £500 down if I include a small win on VC but it could have been much worse.

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Big Dave D said...

Ben, I do worry about your tilting. For years I played limit Omaha, even though my tilting meant that I effectively had effectively an A game and a Z game, no inbetween. So I've now kicked it to touch. Sacked for good. Now youre keeping good records it should be fairly easy to do the same. Keep away from the NLHE!

(FWIW, I feel the same about NL myself)