Monday, February 14, 2005

Time to give up NL Holdem cash

Well I was going to have a poker break before Deauville but my weekend in Jersey was cancelled by fog at the last minute. So effectively I had a totally free weekend to put in some hours playing poker.

I spied one of the worst Omaha players on Betfair £2/£5 PL game sitting on his own just waiting to dump some money to me. So I sat down to play heads up and he got so lucky against me that half an hour later he had taken about £700 of me. Then he left not surprisingly as his luck couldn't last. Every draw he hit and every draw I had I missed... that’s poker I guess.

So I decided in my eternal wisdom that the best place to play next would be the £5/£10 NL Holdem. I can honestly say that I actually didn't make a really bad play in any pot but 2 hours later I had lost £2000. One player was £5000 up and playing the worst poker I had ever seen. He was raising 90% of hands preflop to £70-£100 to play. My highlight was when I was in the big blind and he was on the small blind he predictably raised my blind to £100 and I RR him with KK and he went back over the top for another £500 to put me all in. Surely he couldn't have AA. I called and he showed a monster. JQ suited. The first two cards down on the flop were JQ and no help for me on the turn or river... leaving me fuming again. So after a few hours of play I found myself down £3000. This was not a time to start chasing or going on tilt so I decided to head of to the gym and take my frustration out on a squash ball which I did.

These valuable lessons are certainly expensive but I just cannot beat the big NL Holdem cash games at the moment. Every time I hit a big hand everyone passes and if they do call me or raise they keep hitting miracles to outdraw me. I have only played about 6 hours online on the £5/£10 tables but I am nearly £5000 down. Its not that I am playing badly it’s just a bad run but I am not going to risk trying to reverse these figures for the time being.

So I returned to my best game PL Omaha determined to try and put the mornings terrible session to the back of my mind. I was multi tabling on a £2/£5 and $2/$5 and after 6 hours of solid play I was £3800 up!

I ended the day £800 up. I should read these figures below every time I decide what game to play online.


Online NL Holdem -£5200
Online PL Omaha +£7800

I should keep looking at those figures over and over again till my brain finally processes the information.

I am setting a bounty. Should anyone find me playing on the £5/£10 NL Holdem game on Betfair I will send you a cheque of £50.

My ID is Bennyboi

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