Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I'm bored in work today

I have been through the tournament schedules on Poker In Europe for the forthcoming months and noticed that the Vic have published their schedule for The Poker Classics 28 Mar - 03 Apr 2005

One thing that struck me in particular is that they have scheduled in the following tournament:

Thurs March 31st
£ 1000 + 30
Double chance Pot Limit Omaha Freezeout

They have obviously noted that during recent festivals that the Omaha Tournaments in particular seem to be dying. Recently in the Luton festival there was only 49 runners.

Perhaps making it a freezeout is the way forward. Many players avoid the Omaha tournaments simply because a lot of people are willing to buy in 3 or 4 times plus a top up especially when they have sponsorship. Making it a freezeout will certainly make it a lot more popular in my opinion. This is one tournament that I am very much looking forward to playing in.

Deauville is only a couple of weeks away. Unless I get a decent result there then I am going to struggle to reach my financial target this month. It is literally manic in work plus I have a birthday weekend and two weekends abroad including Deauville so will have less time than usual to get some decent poker playing time in.

I also watched the EPT London event last night that was shown on Eurosport which I had taped. Whilst I can see that the EPT is a great thing for the poker players in Europe I have to question the quality of a few things. The commentary was very bad, they gave no indication of how big the raises were in relation to the blinds and also due to the highlighting John Falconer had managed to make it down to the final two and I can only remember them showing one pot that he had won to get there.

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