Thursday, February 24, 2005

Surfing around ......

I was reading Daniel Negreanu's blog and he wrote the following "In two days I'm down $441,000 which is nowhere near the biggest loser over that stretch. In fact, you can win half a million in an hour in that game, or lose it of course...... So while $441,000 is a lot of money in the real world, in that game it's not much of a figure at all. I'm totally comfortable with the figure personally and genuinely not worried about it. "

It got me thinking about how much money the players in that game have. Surely to play in a game where a game where you can win or lose $500000 in an hour then you need a huge bankroll. I am thinking $25-50 Million or something along those lines. Whilst i know there is alot of money floating about amongst the top players i just don't see where they get that kind of bankroll from. Assuming that the level of skill in the $4000/$8000 game is extremely high any player could surely go broke if they had a really bad couple of months.

My boredom in work reminds me why March 24th is such a big date in my calendar.


Anonymous said...

Indeed. Although the big game also seems to be the safest with endless insurance, odds based chopping, 4th and 5th street doube running. I doubt that the younger guys have a bakroll of more than 20m - I wonder if Harman/Negreanu play off the same roll??

GIven that there is a limited number of people who play in the game the money must circulate amongst the top 4 with the lesser players feeding it a bit - but not much (Hansen and Farha are in that class). The absolute swings cannot be that big with so many 'safety' aspects involved.

Seems to me more of an entertainment than anyting else after they get knocked out!

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