Monday, January 31, 2005

Jan 2005 Summary of month

Here is my poker result’s for January. Seems easier to calculate in $$$ due to online play so will stick to that formula for the time being.


Sessions 7
Hours Played 17
Overall Return (per session) +$648.58
Win Rate (per hour) +$267.06
Overall Profit / Loss +$4540.00

Live Cash Games

Sessions 5
Hours Played 23.00
Overall Return (per session) +$1925.00
Win Rate (per hour) +$418.48
Overall Profit / Loss +$9625.00

Festival Tournaments

Tournaments Played 3
Hours Played 20
Overall Return (per tournament) –$866.00
Win Rate (per hour) –$130.00
Overall Profit / Loss -$2600.00

Overall Profit +$11565

Well as my monthly target is +$6700 I feel I’ve had an excellent month. Also I am not yet able to devote the amount of hours that I will be able to from mid March onwards. My hourly rates in particular are very high and they will drop to more realistic levels as I play more as the year continues. I have controlled my tilt and played my A game the majority of the month. For some reason the New Year heralded renewed focus poker wise and long may I keep that focus. My festival tournament results need to be improved though.

Yearly target +$5865

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