Tuesday, January 11, 2005

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I remember when i could play at the big Omaha and Dealers Choice games at The Vic and hardly be recognised. As people normally guess my age between 18-21 (see link below for photographic proof) i feel that this gave me a significant advantage as i could often just play the nuts and get paid off due to my perceived relative inexperience in these games. I lost count of the number of times that i used to make alot of money everytime i hit a monster hand. Now i am a recognised and reasonably respected player i think i have lost that part of my game that gave me a big edge. Now when i check raise players let go of hands. I have started to make more moves as i can't just wait for the nuts any longer. I have started making strong moves on pots if i sense weakness. I check raised someone £400 on a scary JJ5 flop last week and actually managed to get them to let go of 55 in an 5 card Omaha PL game when i didn't have a J. This is not a move that i would have made in the past but it seems i've resorted to big bluffs to take down serious pots of late.

How do i adjust my game now i am recognised? I need to think about this seriously. Suggestions would help!!


On top of being recognised i have also noticed something far more significant that could affect my long term expectations in the big games at the Vic. Where have all the fish gone? I know the Vic is regarded as one of the toughest places to play in the country but last year in the big games i could always guarantee there would be 2 or more players just waiting to let go of there money if you kind a suitable situation to relieve them of it. However, in my last three visits last week in the £250 dealers choice i encountered two bad players in total over three sessions. One of these is was of the dangerous/aggressive sort that can prove tricky. My last session was the biggest rock fest i have ever been in at the Vic. Where have they all gone? Answers on a postcard please!!


Valley G said...

Where have all the fish gone???

The Devilfish is still the most feared man in Hull!!!!

OnTilt said...

As you suggest the obvious answer if people think you are a rock is to make more bluffs. Check raises are the best with this image as they rarely look like semi-bluffs or ordinary aggression, when a solid player check raises, you get that sickening gut instinct you are beat. This sounds like it working for you currently, is it not? Once people start calling your bluffs revert. If you are just saying how do I get players to keep calling me with the worst hand I don't know the magic answer to that one!

A different way I like to play big omaha hands sometimes is play them fast and bet out as people will have seen me do this with lots of holdings to build pots, then hopefully they thinking you are drawing and reraise you, might this work in the circumstance you describe?

Milkybarkid said...

I have actually changed my tactics at Omaha of late. I have started to bet and check raise with big draws and make it tougher for opponents to put me on a hand. I definitely don't want to become predictable and especially preflop i will raise with a whole range of hands. Also sometimes i will just call with a huge hand before the flop because if i hit it is far better disguised. this tactic won me a pot of over 2k last week. The best thing is for me to keep changing gears throughout a session.